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New York Times The author of best-selling Tony Robbins Tweets Bitcoin Basics with 3 million followers

The author and motivational author of the New York Times, Tony Robbins, tweeted on Bitcoin with its 3.04 million followers on Twitter. Robbins is revered for his practical wisdom in matters of money and finance, and has hosted countless seminars and conferences.

The tweet presents an article on the basics of Bitcoin published on its website by its team of curators.

In addition to outlining the fundamentals of what Bitcoin is and how the mining words, the article attempts to address the reason why Bitcoin is different from the currencies that preceded it.

"Bitcoin is decentralized – no bank, government, company or individual owns the network or has control over it – this means that your accounts can never be frozen, a government can not devaluate the currency, it can be used in every country and, more threatening, due to the anonymous nature of the bitcoin, the expert technician can avoid the taxation and use bitcoin as payment for any type of illegal good or service ".

The new cryptocurrency students are also learning that as much as Bitcoin has been linked to illegal activities, money is even more intractable and Bitcoin can be used to track down criminals because of the underlying blockchain technology.

The article, published under the premise of promoting "stories and fundamental principles of Tony Robbins" to help others achieve an extraordinary life, "lacks a publication date." Puts Bitcoin at the price topped out of $ 9,979.00, which indicates that it was probably published for the first time in the bear market for this year.

Acclaimed as a famous life coach, master strategist, self-help guru and authority on leadership psychology, Robbins is considered an influential figure whose books, appearances and seminars on how to master personal finances have enabled millions of manifesting wealth, happiness and freedom.

Robbins published "Money: master the game"In 2014. Inspired by the global financial crisis that has pulverized the savings accounts, triggered the collapse of the real estate market, closed the banks and disentangled the financial institutions of the country, the book reached the top spot in the list of bestsellers of the New York Times.

A self-made multi-millionaire who has worked as a janitor, has never earned a bachelor's degree and has accumulated net worth of $ 480 million, Robbins has earned his place as one of the most successful speakers in the world.

In Money: master the game, offers its approach to trade-for-money and why it is a losing proposition.

"Let's face it, we're not going to make our way to wealth, it's a mistake that millions of Americans make – we think that if we work harder, smarter, longer, we will achieve our financial dreams, but our salary alone, no matter how big, it's not the answer …

"You're already a financial trader, you might not think about it that way, but if you work for a living, you're trading your time with money, frankly, it's just the worst deal you can do." You can always get more money, but you can not have more time. "

In 2017 Robbins was lukewarm about Bitcoin. At that time, speaking from the iconic conference presented by Inc. and CNBC, he said,

"I think it's very uncertain, it's like nothing now, it's really a game of chance, no one knows, you've seen what happened in China and the impact that's happening right now on Bitcoin. I look at it because it's like going to Las Vegas Things that are not really predictable, they could make you a lot of money, I would take a certain amount of money, and I would say, I know it's just for fun. I could lose, this is Vegas, and Bitcoin fits this category for me. "

Cryptocurrencies continue to find their way into the mainstream, through popular figures, great places and world events. In addition to the Bitcoin tweet, Robbins also recently tweeted on the UCFC, mixed martial arts and the 450 million fans of the sports world. The most recent UFC event took place on Saturday 29 December. Litecoin, a hard fork of Bitcoin and currently the eighth largest cryptocurrency in the world, has been included among the main sponsors of the event.

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