New XRP toolkit to improve the XRP registry


Ripple, the digital payment processing system and the company behind it XRP, is improving the functions of its XRP Ledger with the release of a new XRP Toolkit. The toolkit is now available in beta version 0.3.0, which will improve the accessibility and versatility of the Ledger.

The launch of the toolkit was announced on his official Twitter account, in a message with demonstrative GIF:

As the XRP toolkit improves XRP Ledger

XRP Ledger is the backbone of XRP, Ripple's decentralized native cryptocurrency. Its purpose is to use a consensus process that allows for the facilitation of payments, remittances and exchanges.

XRP Ledger determines which transactions are accepted or rejected based on their legitimacy. However, with the release of the XRP Toolkit, the ledger has the potential to become much more.

As seen in the GIF in Ripple's tweet, the toolkit is an interface to the XRP registry that allows users to seamlessly access data and find the information they need.

The toolkit not only improves the user experience through its interface, but also improves XRP transactions by preparing, signing and sending transactions. Users will now be able to sign XRP register transactions with a hardware portfolio and a web browser.

By improving XRP Ledger, XRP Toolkit will make XRP more versatile and will possibly increase awareness and adoption worldwide. It can also encourage experimentation and a deeper understanding of the Led XRP registry.

RareData, a famous community member who started the toolkit project, he said recently:

The XRP register has been built for much more than just to send and receive XRP, it has features like a decentralized exchange, issued currencies and escrow transactions for good reasons. The XRP Toolkit project was launched to … unlock more potential of the XRP ledger.

What's next?

While the XRP toolkit project is still in beta, RareData suggests that the official launch of the project may already be at the beginning of next year.

RareData also mentioned that the next version of XRP Toolkit could include access options with seaclot (a QR code reader), the sending of signed transactions and more.

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