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New: the man runs several times on A14 and is killed

The most important news at a glance:

  • Thief with ropes (12:21 pm)
  • 13 dead in case of misfortune of the military machine in Iran (12.04 clock)
  • Right-wing extremists plaster publishing buildings with posters (11.50)
  • Thieves drive by car in the Bamberg jewelry store (11.39 clock)
  • Turkey opens Trump's appeal for "security zone" in Syria (11.29)
  • The Nobel Prize winner loses the honorary title due to racist statements (clock 11.02)

Daily News:

+++ 12:35 clock: a 14-year-old Palestinian dies after battles on the +++ border

Three days after the new clashes between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian demonstrators on the border of the Gaza Strip, a 14-year-old Palestinian has succumbed to his injuries. A spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Gaza said that the teenager was shot dead by the Israeli army on Friday to the east of the city of Jabalia, in the north of the Palestinian territory. He died Monday

+++ Clock 12.21: Burglar ripping with sheets on the front in the Frankfurt business from +++

With a torn sheet, a thief in Hesse, Frankfurt am Main, has been tied to the upper floors in a shop. After the police arrived, the man wanted to escape the same way, but he fell and hurt, as officials said.

As a result, the 34 year old had entered through a balcony on the fifth floor in the lower floor offices. The bankrupt raid took place on Sunday evening on the Zeil shopping street in central Frankfurt. In the shop, the offender took money from a cash register, but activated an anti-intrusion alarm. When the police surrounded the house, he wanted to get the bed back with the sheet. He fell into the depths. He fell into a cart on which the cardboard was collected. This has dampened the impact. He came to a clinic with serious injuries. Against the alleged perpetrators of Maintal is now determined.

+++ Watch 12.04: 13 dead in case of misfortune of the military machine in Iran +++

13 people died in the morning plane crash in Iran. A Boeing 707-type Air Force cargo plane had landed from the runway in an emergency landing to the north-west of Tehran and burnt down, the Iranian military said. The cargo plane carrying a cargo of meat from the Kyrgyz capital of Bishkek had to make an emergency landing at Fath Airport. The military machine had fired on the track and caught fire after colliding with a wall. The cause of the accident will now be examined, the army explained.

+++ 11:50 am: Right-wing extremists cling to editorial buildings and party headquarters with posters +++

The right-wing extremist, the so-called Identity Movement, has plastered buildings of editorial offices and parties with posters. In Berlin, for example, the ARD-Hauptstadtstudio and the editorial office of the "tageszeitung" were hit, as confirmed by the employees. The "taz" said that a staff member wanted to prevent IB members from publishing a poster on the building. She was then grabbed and grabbed by the neck. An IB member also entered the building and threw you flyers. When the police arrived, the group was already gone. The aim of the poster campaign was also the headquarters of the SPD party. According to media reports, the Greens have been hit. The "Frankfurter Rundschau" reported on Twitter, "Identitarians" would have liked to paste the posters in the building where the newspaper has its editorial offices. They were interrogated by the police.

The Berlin police reported on Twitter that state security had taken the investigation. This is going "by a concentrated, politically motivated action". In the case of the "taz" it will be determined due to overruns and dangerous personal injuries. The Identity Movement has engaged in action and has baptized in a statement published on its website, a national crackdown on "left-wing extremism" and "left-wing violence".

+++ 11:39 am: Thieves drive by car to the jewelery shop in the pedestrian zone of Bamberg +++

The unknown detainees drove the night with a car in a jewelry store in the Bavarian Bamberg and stole almost all the goods. The police spoke of "considerable" damage and are looking for four men. The actual value of the loot is currently still unclear, a spokesman for Bayreuth said. According to officials, the authors drove a car into the shop door in the pedestrian zone of Bamberg and opened almost every window. Subsequently, they fled with the vehicle, which was later discovered abandoned in Bamberg. A large manhunt involving a police helicopter was initially inconclusive.

In the morning, employees of the Wasserschiffahrtsamt also found backpacks with tools and empty jewelery boxes in a stream in the nearby town of Strullendorf. The criminal investigation department investigates and asks witnesses to report suspicious events in various locations.

+++ 11:29: Turkey opens to Trump's call for "security zone" in Syria +++

After the fierce threats of US President Donald Trump against Turkey, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Cavusoglu stressed that his country is not "intimidated". At the same time, however, it was open to Trump's requests for the establishment of a "security zone" in Syria. Turkey is not "against" a security zone, Cavusoglu said at a press conference with his Luxembourg counterpart Jean Asselborn.

Donald Trump warned Erdogan with sharp words about a new offensive against Kurdemämpfer in Syria

Trump threatened via Twitter yesterday that the United States "would destroy Turkey economically if it attacked the Kurds". He also called for the creation of a 30-kilometer "security zone". He did not provide details about their situation. At the same time, he warned the Kurds not to "provoke" Ankara.

+++ 11:02: Nobel Prize winner loses honorary title due to racist statements +++

American American Nobel Prize winner James Watson lost the honorary titles of his previous academic job due to racist remarks. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, based in Long Island near New York, said in a statement that the ninety was deprived of the title of Chancellor Emeritus, Honorary Administrator and Professor Emeritus. The research institute rejected Watson's recent observations on ethnicity and genetics as "reprehensible" and "scientifically unsustainable".

According to a BBC report, Watson repeated in a 2007 TV report that blacks are less intelligent than whites because of their genes. This had cost him the post of chancellor at the time, and Cold Springs freed him from all other duties. Watson is considered one of the discoverers of the molecular structure of DNA, the bearer of the genetic information of living beings. In 1962, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine along with Francis Crick and Maurice Wilkins. According to the BBC, Watson, who turns 91 in April of 91, is currently in a nursing home after a car accident and has a very limited environmental record.

+++ 10:43 am: Egypt rejects eighteen year old Germans suspected of terrorism +++

Egypt has deported an 18-year-old from Giessen for alleged ties to the Islamists. The state newspaper Al-Ahram published photos of the young man at the security check-in and at the Cairo airport check-in. According to the report, a survey by the Egyptian authorities showed that the man believes in the ideology of the terrorist militia of the Islamic State. He said he had online connections with IS members and came to Egypt to join terrorist elements in the north of the Sinai Peninsula.

The eighteen year old was from mid-December, initially missing when he wanted to enter via Luxor in the North African country. Just last week, the foreign ministry confirmed that the man is in the custody of the Egyptian authorities. Already last week, a 23-year-old from Göttingen, who had been arrested shortly after Christmas at the Cairo airport, had been deported for similar reasons.

+++ Clock 10.20: 16 years in Austria has been choked – suspects taken +++

A young woman, whose body was found yesterday in Austria, suffocated, according to the autopsy report. The 16-year-old was apparently strangled, a police spokesman said in the morning. The suspected ex-boyfriend was arrested overnight in Vienna. The information provided by the population would have led to the rapid arrest, it has been said. The Syrian asylum seeker was interrogated today on suspicion. The girl's body was found yesterday at Wiener Neustadt. The lifeless body had been covered with leaves and branches.

+++ 10.11 clock: The man who crosses the highway in Saxony-Anhalt killed +++

In Saxony-Anhalt, a man was killed while crossing highway 14. The 49-year-old parked his car last night in the Dreihöhenberg rest area and apparently ran several times on the highway, as announced by the police in the morning. It is said to have been significantly under the influence of alcohol. First, he was reportedly hit by two vehicles and slightly injured. Then the man crossed the central axes again. On the road to Magdeburg, he was hit by a truck and wounded to death. He died at the scene of the accident. The motorway was closed for several hours between Calbe and Schönebeck.

+++ Clock 10.08: Kramp-Karrenbauer defends the renewed employment in the migration policy +++

The leader of the CDU, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, defended his decision to re-engage with migration policies. It is not about "retrospective debates" or an excess of "acute demands", said Kramp-Karrenbauer at a closed-door meeting of the CDU in the ZDF "morning magazine". In a "workshop discussion" in February, the party wants to deal with daily life and practice in this area.

It should be checked, which also works with regard to the changes adopted and what not, said the president of the CDU. It concerns what can be improved concretely. She believes that citizens expect this too from politics.

+++ 9:43: the number of tourists in Germany rises to the new record +++

More and more tourists spend their holidays in Germany. In 2018, the number of overnight stays by domestic and foreign guests is expected to reach a new record of around 477 million, according to the Federal Statistical Office. Compared to the previous year, this is a four percent increase. The preliminary result is based on data from January to November 2018 and on the results of December of previous years. In the first eleven months of the year, the lion's share of hotel guests, pensions and campsites represented around 366 million overnight stays in Germany – a four percent increase over the same period last year. The number of overnight stays by foreign guests has increased further: it has increased by five percent to 81.5 million. The German Tourism Association (DTV) has welcomed this development. "In Germany as a destination, quality and supply are right," said DTV CEO Claudia Gilles. "Therefore, 2019 will be a good year for tourism in Germany." As a result, the month with the highest number of nights was July. Traveling is not just in the summer months, said the association. During the year, business trips, holidays, city trips or school trips brought visitors to German destinations.

+++ 9:21: Bats confused in Australia attack people +++

Because of the heat in Australia, bats are increasingly attacking humans. Authorities warn against further biting and scratching attacks on stressed animals, as reported by ABC. In the last two weeks alone, there have been seven bats attacks north of the Sydney metropolis. This is more than ever before in such a short time. In two animals, the Australian bat Lyssavirus, similar to a rabies pathogen, was detected. It can be dangerous for people's lives.

The heat wave has been going on since Christmas. The unusually warm weather with temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius is a burden on bats. Confused, some animals fell from trees and were caught in power lines. People have been attacked trying to help. Instead of saving the needy bats, we should call the experts, write the station.

+++ Clock of 9.17: Wolf near Hanover in freight train over +++

A freight train has hit a wolf near Hanover. The animal was caught Saturday by train and killed, the federal police said. The carcass was found near the railway. The federal police hid the dead animal along with a Wolf hunter adviser from Hannover. It should be examined at the Veterinary College. The federal police pointed out that dead animals should never be touched when they are found.

+++ Clock 9.10: arrested 22 years after the shots from the Iserlohn apartment +++

After filming an apartment in the city of Iserlohn in North Rhine-Westphalia, police special forces arrested a 22-year-old man. During the night, a witness observed that someone shot in the street, police said. During the search for the apartment, the agents found a gun, ammunition and marijuana.

After the emergency call, a special police task force (SEK) had arrived. Finally the forces overwhelmed the apartment, the twenty-two and a 27-year-old woman. The alleged shooter was temporarily arrested.

+++ Clock 8.57: Again gas explosion in the Russian house – at least one killed +++

In Russia, another explosion of gas destroyed parts of a residential building. The incident in the city of Schachty in the south of the country killed at least one woman, said civil protection. Seven people were rescued from the destroyed apartments. With four residents, fate is not yet clear, reported the Interfax agency. Rescuers assume people have been buried in the rubble.

Only at the New Year's Eve the explosion of gas in the city of Magnitogorsk in Siberia had brought down part of a large prefabricated building. There were 39 people killed.

+++ 8.15: New record on Instagram: Kylie Jenner's most popular brown egg +++

A brown breakfast egg broke the Instagram record of US model Kylie Jenner (21). Until this morning, the egg had more than 23 million I like it. The disc was previously Jenner with a picture of his newborn, which he published in February 2018 and more than 18 million people. The unknown account owner "world_record_egg" ("world record egg") had created the account at the beginning of January to get the most clicks possible with the photo. "We set a world record along with the most popular voice on Instagram."

In the online magazine "Buzzfeed", the new world record holder was called "Henrietta", a chicken from the British province. "I understood as a competition, it was not personal," the user told the magazine on written request.

+++ 8:06: farmers remain despite Dürrehilfe sit on billions of damage +++

Despite millions of dollars bailout aid from the federal government and federal states, German farmers have been left with billions of dollars in damages. The president of the farmers' association Joachim Rukwied told the newspaper "Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung": "Even if we deduct the promised 340 million euros in emergency aid, there will be about 2.5 billion euros in damages ". The interested companies are burdened over the next few years. "This summer is working," continued Rukwied. According to the association, more than 8,000 companies have submitted a request for emergency assistance in the federal states. This demonstrates the great need, said Rukwied.

+++ Clock 7.38: cargo plane crashed in Iran in the residential area +++

In Iran, apparently a cargo plane crashed. The car with ten people on board crashed near the capital Tehran in a residential area, reports Iranian state television. The Boeing 707 fired on the runway when it landed, said a spokesman for the Iranian aviation authority, Irib station.

The Fars and Tasnim news agencies reported that the military plane loaded with meat came from the capital of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek. The Irib station reported that the pilot had led the approach of the Fath airport in the province of Albors to the east of Tehran on the wrong track. The plane crashed into a house.

+++ 7:09: China's foreign trade breaks in December +++

The tariff dispute with the United States and the slower economic growth heavily influenced Chinese foreign trade at the end of the year. Exports in December measured in US dollars compared to the previous year fell by 4.4%, the Beijing government said. Imports even fell by 7.6%. Experts expected a weak result, but expected an advantage in both exports and imports. Both values ​​were just as negative as they were not since 2016.

+++ Clock 6.50: Due to "shutdowns": Canadian air traffic controllers donate pizza to US colleagues +++

They have not seen the salary for weeks because of the government's resignation in Washington, but now some US air traffic controllers have at least some support from the north of the border. Canadian air traffic controllers have purchased hundreds of pizzas for their US counterparts in recent days, according to reports from the Canadian CBC. The US controllers thanked the Canadians they work with every day to monitor North American airspace for this "true demonstration of solidarity".

The budget lock in the United States began on December 22nd. Background of the "extinguishing" is the dispute between President Donald Trump and the democratic opposition on the money demanded by the president to build a wall on the southern border of the United States. The report did not mention how the pizzas came to the hungry air traffic controllers.

+++ Clock 5:42: Second black box found by the crashed Lion Air machine +++

Two and a half months after the incident of a Boeing 737 MAX of the Indonesian airline Lion Air, the second black box was also found. Divers discovered the cockpit voice recorder in the morning, as a director of the AFP agency said. A few days after the crash of the passenger plane, the divers had already been able to recover the flight data recorder. The two black boxes are essential to clarify the cause of aircraft accidents.

The Air Lion plane crashed into the sea on October 29 shortly after taking off from Jakarta. All 189 inmates were killed. A preliminary investigation report revealed in November that the aircraft should not have been started due to serious technical defects. He had problems with the speedometer and AOA sensors, which provide data on the angle at which the wind sweeps through the wings and how much to lift an airplane. For a cause of the crash, the investigators did not commit themselves.

+ 5.06 clock: Podolski finds the reactions to Ribery's ribeye too extreme +++

The football pro Lukas Podolski considers exaggerated the clamor surrounding the history of Franck Ribéry's gold steak. "If everyone wants to live his life as he sees fit, if he buys something to eat, or buys a car or which club he moves to – I do not care," said 33-year-old national team member at Gummersbach, "I have the same opinion , whether the steak is gold or silver or bronze, I do not give a shit, I think it's not a different person, if it pours a gold steak or eats a kebab. "

Funny parody for a good cause: after Ribérys Prollsteak: the Frankfurt basketball team kidnaps the player

Podolski finds the action of Ribery, who in the previous week had provoked a great indignation with his post in social media, "not so dramatic". But Internet reactions and media coverage are exaggerated. When they are Lukas Podolski eating a doner kebab, they say: Bow, what a horny guy, and when I get a gold steak the next day, they say: What's that asshole? ? "That the Frenchman then insulted his detractors on the net, the offensive player of Vissel Kobe, but not well:" With hindsight, he also knows that he may have responded too soon or too quickly ".

+++ 2.53 clock: less and less refugees return home programs at home +++

The number of refugees who voluntarily return home through a federal government grant program has apparently decreased significantly over the past three years. From January to the end of November 2018, 15,089 people took advantage of the offer, reports the "Rheinische Post", citing the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees. In 2017, the agency had 29,522 repatriated volunteers, in 2016 there were even 54,006. "The relatively high number of voluntary holidays approved in 2016 is in connection with historically high access figures in this access period to see people seeking protection in Germany," a spokesperson for the Bamf "Rheinische Post" said.

The authority figures refer exclusively to returnees programs offered by federal and state governments. In the process, travel expenses will be borne by people willing to return and, as appropriate, also additional travel aid and a departure tax for new life in the country of origin.

+++ clock 2.22: Super Bowl Philadelphia champion fails in the playoff quarter-finals +++

The Philadelphia Eagles of the US Football League NFL have lost entry into the playoff semi-final. The defending champion failed in the quarter-finals at the New Orleans Saints with 14:20 (14:10). The Eagles quarterback Nick Foles was able to bring his team with two touchdowns (pass, run) in the first quarter with 14-0 lead, after scoring, however, only the hosts.

New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees impressed with 301 passes, two touchdowns and an interception in the NFC division game. Defender Marshon Lattimore scored his second attempt just two minutes before the end of the game. The Super Bowl heroes finished the game with 201 passes, a touchdown and two interceptions. In the NFC final, the number one placed by Saints will receive the Los Angeles Rams next Sunday.

+++ Clock 0.54: Trump threatens Turkey with economic destruction +++

Donald Trump warned Turkey of "economic destruction" in the event of an attack on Kurdish forces in northern Syria. Turkey will be "economically destroyed" if it attacks the Kurds, wrote the president of the United States on Twitter. "At the same time, I do not want the Kurds to provoke Turkey," he added in another message. Trump also spoke of the creation of a 32-kilometer safety zone, but did not explain in detail.

The US allied Kurds in northern Syria fear an attack by Turkey following the withdrawal of US troops from the country. Ankara sees the Kurdish fighters as terrorists and the extended arm of the Kurdish PKK party banned in Turkey. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had said Tuesday that he wanted to act very soon "to neutralize these terrorist organizations on Syrian soil".

+ + 0.14 clock: Weber criticized AfD as "German Brexit party" +++

The main candidate of the European People's Party for the May European elections, Manfred Weber, warned against the strengthening of the AFD. "With AfD we would also have obtained the British conditions in Germany." This is the German Brexit party, "said CSU vice-president of the Bild-Zeitung." AfD decided yesterday, during their European election meeting in Riesa, in Saxony, their program for the European elections. In it, the party considers the withdrawal of Germany from the EU inevitable, unless it changes radically in the near future.In the main question, the "Dexit" had already been provided as an option after a legislative period.

Weber called the forthcoming release of Britain a "tragedy" and added: "I have never experienced such a messy situation, such a mess in my political career, that wants to know what happens when you follow the populists and nationalists , will find the answer to Brexit. "

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