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New smart meters installed in the center of Eugene

EUGENE, Oregon. – The city of Eugene Parking Services is implementing a state-of-the-art parking system in the city center.

280 new meters are installed, offering additional payment options using advanced parking technology. According to city staff, the meters accept coins, credit cards, Apple and Google pay, as well as the Park Smart mobile app and the dashboard payment in the vehicle.

"We are working to offer our customers the best parking experience possible," said Jeff Petry, Head of Parking and Technology for the City of Eugene. "To easily find a point, we will soon connect these meters to a new digital application that will indicate if a road space is free or busy."

City staff said further parking improvements are also expected in parking lots, where sensors will determine how many spaces are available. Later this winter, the Overpark and Parcade garages will be equipped with external signs indicating the availability of parking in real time. Multi-space counters in the Hult Center Garage, in the North & South Broadway garage, in the library garage, in the city hall surface lot and in the surface area of ​​the railway depot will be replaced with meters that will connect to the terminal. road parking ecosystem and will offer the same pay-by-smartphone application.

"This is the most advanced parking meter technology available at the moment," adds Petry.

With the sunset of the free downtown parking pilot, the new meters will be installed in a 12 square meter area of ​​the center, according to city staff. The meters will help to increase the access to the parking lot, guaranteeing the turnover. The revenue generated by the reinstalled meters will provide an important resource for this work.

For more information about City of Eugene Parking, visit: www.eparkeugene.com

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