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New Ripple Cryptocurrency Scam Surfaces Under the name "XRP Classic" to confuse investors

New Ripple Cryptocurrency Scam Surfaces Under the name

XRP Classic is a digital platform designed to facilitate people from all lifestyles, whether an individual needs assistance in their normal daily work, a startup looking for cost-effective solutions and quality of time, or a better value for money. established company that intends workload.

The platform is a modern age freelance market designed to bring a solution to the problems associated with the traditional freelance sector and allow a coherent and risk free connection between freelancers and buyers at a lower cost. The platform serves as a leading peer-to-peer market to offer and hire services without involving an intermediary.

It allows buyers and companies to develop potential collaborations with freelancers and to acquire services at much better rates, which was not possible in the past. The platform presents to its users an accessible decentralized cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency infrastructure. It boasts an open-source content management. Needless to say, XRP Classic is promoting an intelligent platform.

Main features of the XRP Classic platform

The platform itself is a feature-rich cryptocurrency that can function alone without the support and infrastructure of the XRP CLASSIC app.

The XRP CLASSIC team put together great ideas and created a security policy to prevent, stop and eliminate the threat of malicious external attacks on your system.

Automatic trading system

The platform has an automated system that is compatible with the major exchanges of Crypto and Forex brokers. The system links the algorithm to user accounts without the need to move their funds.

Streaming Ecosystem

The platform operates as a sustainable long-term incentive mechanism to encourage all stakeholders to take part in the SNB.


The platform allows its users to receive alerts of exclusive and high quality trading signals with over 85% accuracy to be exchanged on any exchange or broker.

Challenges XRP Classic aims to solve

  • High demand for freelance work around the world resulting from the competition
  • Setting and negotiation of tariffs
  • Problems in the freelance markets
  • Unsolicited and inefficient payment of millions of freelancers in hundreds of different countries
  • Address the challenge of quality of work delivered to customers by new freelancers in the platform.

Classic XRP solutions

The platform ecosystem will involve freelance-based services on its platform and will allow users to take advantage of quality services directly at home or in the office. This will be made possible without the need to hire an employee physically or to present a contract with a third party. The platform aims to protect the interest of its users by making use of transactional activities on smart "blockchain and trustless" contracts.

In addition, the platform will provide a user-friendly marketplace where buyers interested in seeking a respective service are able to hire freelancers from anywhere in the world at lower costs.

XRP CLASSIC technology

XRP Classic applies to a unique XRP Classic algorithm to meet the requirements of the emerging IoT industry. XRP Classic The algorithm is inspired by the formation of ions. The platform algorithm separates two main functions of value creation and value transfer.

The new activities will emerge after selectively selecting and separating the level of value creation, the level of value transfer and other relevant IoT features.

The current blockchain technical architecture combines the creation and transfer of value, which in some cases has great practical value. This value will increase over time. The success of Bitcoin and Ethereum provides the best proof of this type of algorithm.

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