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Original title: New Oriental listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

  New OrientalEducation Technology Group on 9Hong Kong Stock ExchangeListed on the market, opening at 1381 on 9Hong Kong dollar, An increase of 16.05% from the issue price of 1190 Hong Kong dollars, becoming the first thousand dollarsHong Kong stocks

  New OrientalActionsThe code is 9901, with 10 shares per lot, which will become another Hong Kong company in 2020Secondary listofenterpriseNew OrientalFrom 7 September 2006New York Stock ExchangeFrom its listing, itsAmerican Deposit Shares(ADS per shareactionLike oneCommon stockCopies) were traded at the NYSE,Secondary listThereafter, New Oriental’s Hong Kong-listed shares and NYSE-listed US depository shares will be fully convertible.

New Oriental went public in Hong Kong from 29 October to 3 November. The results proved itPublic saleExcess subscriptionAbout 1.55 times, the international offering is oversubscribed by approximately 6.4 times. New Oriental’s net proceeds from the global offering are approximately HK $ 9.968 billion (assuming an excessAllotmentThe right has not been exercised); if allocated in excessEquityAfter fully exercised, New Oriental’s additional net proceeds were approximately HK $ 1.507 billion.

Yu Minhong, founder of the New Oriental Education Technology Group, said that New Oriental’s successful listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange has once again opened up a new journey for New Oriental. Looking ahead, New Oriental will continue to develop online systems and offline to provide high studentsqualityThe teaching system and a more perfect classroom.

According to the prospectus, New Oriental was founded in 1993 and 2006 in New York, USATitlesListed on the stock exchange, the largest private school in ChinaserviceProvider: As of May 31, 2020, New Oriental has established 104 schools, 1361 learning centers and 12 bookstores in 91 cities across the country.

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