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New joke in the rescue of little Julen

Spain is worried about little Julen for a week. The two-year-old is believed to be in a deep well, but healing is just progressing. Can the baby still be alive?

A new line of arrest delayed the recovery of the two-year-old Julen disappearance from a deep well in Spain over the weekend. During the drilling of a rescue tunnel, the helpers met a large boulder. Until Sunday evening they had therefore only made 45 of a total of 60 meters.

In 2017, Julen's two-year-old parents have already lost a three-year-old son due to heart failure. All Spain suffers with them. The newspaper "El Mundo" titled: "A hellish week".

On Saturday, it was still hoped that the access, which runs perpendicular to the tree, would be able to complete the completion of new major problems until Sunday morning. All this stressed Sunday, however, that you will find Julen under no circumstances before Monday evening. After completion of the tunnel, the miners still have to establish a four-meter horizontal connection to the tree in which the child is suspected. According to official data, it will take at least 20 hours.

With plectrums and pneumatic hammers

Experienced miners must be dropped into a specially constructed metal basket and work in the only one-meter wide tunnel with picks and jackhammers. Because of the safety of the child and also of the helpers we must proceed with extreme caution, said the spokesperson of the forces Ángel García Vidal before the journalists.

From January 13 to Totalán, near the southern coastal city of Málaga, there was no sign of life. Every minute, therefore, the hopes of a happy outcome diminish. The experts still ensure that it is not excluded that the child is still alive.

It is said that Julen fell during a trip of his family in the hole, which has a diameter of only 25-30 centimeters. During the shooting of the camera, a bag of sweets was discovered in the well at a depth of over 70 meters that Julen had with him. The loose earth has prevented the camera from penetrating deeper.

"What have they done all the time?"

The fact that research and trembling are dragging more and more has so far provoked criticism in Spain practically only among the laity. "What have they done all the time?" He asks, for example, the pensioner Juanma in an all-round Madrid pub, which has seen the drama on TV. Even Father José of Julen ("Many support sweets, but few funds") and the mayor of Totalán Miguel Escaño ("It is too small and very improvised") had scolded him in the initial phase.

But all the experts reject any criticism. There has never been an emergency like this anywhere in the world, according to Julián Moreno, Head of the Fire Department of the Malaga Region, and the delegate of the Andalucian central government, Alfonso Rodríguez Gómez de Celis.

The spokesman for the mining association and road engineers of Malaga, Juan López-Escobar, said: "In the United States, for example, it took 70 hours to recover a child only seven meters Depth blocked."

The tree is over a hundred meters deep

Totalán has a very different category: the well, which has been punctured for media reports looking for water in the drought-affected region near the finca of a relative of Julen, is 107 meters deep. It is approximately the same height as a 30-story building.

Rescuers work with the equipment in the place where they are looking for the two-year-old Julen child: the aides have already removed 35,000 cubic meters of earth and scree. (Source: dpa / Europa Press / Europa Press)Rescuers work with the equipment in the place where they are looking for the two-year-old Julen child: the aides have already removed 35,000 cubic meters of earth and scree. (Source: Europa Press / Europa Press / dpa)

Rescuers think it is possible to find the child at a depth of 70-80 meters. Since the aides had already penetrated about 20 meters deep during the installation of a platform to stabilize the main drilling rig, they had to drill another 60 meters of depth.

The forces remove the hill

The list of problems encountered by emergency services is long. The site of the Cerro de la Corona hill disaster is extremely difficult to reach with larger vehicles and heavy machinery due to the steep, slippery, winding and narrow roads. During the leveling of the ground, it was necessary to remove 35,000 cubic meters of earth and stones.

The Corona, originally 352 meters tall, is meanwhile much smaller, wrote media. The ground to be drilled, of which there were no geological investigations, is sometimes very hard, but sometimes even unstable.

And that you have no contact with the missing, the whole thing is more difficult. "But we still have the hope of making Julen live and taking them to their parents," said García Vidal engineer, explaining about 100 helpers. "Julen has become the son of us all, we want him and we will get him out of there." The villagers provided food and shelter to Julen's parents and helpers. In a solidarity action, the children held posters saying "Julen, shut up!" high.

What should the baby feed in the pit?

In the meantime, a question has been repeated in Spain over and over: can a two-year-old child survive in a deep hole without food and water and perhaps more than a week of injury? Iván Carabaño still has hope. "In an extreme situation, the human body is struggling to survive in an unimaginable way", the respected pediatrician in Madrid was quoted by the newspaper El País.

The child will instinctively try to "feed on what he finds". But the doctor also points out that: in a child weighing only 11 kilograms like Julen, the risk of rapid hypoglycemia is greater.

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