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New frequency of Kuwait sports channels 2019 – Egyptian stars

The frequency of the Kuwait sports channel, which transmits the professional league of Kuwait and transmits the football matches taking place in Kuwait and sports news in Kuwait and not only the transfer of football matches, but the transfer of a variety of programs sports and the presentation of various sports competitions taking place in Kuwait, Kuwait Sports Channel Not only the transfer of league games, but the transfer of some of the most important games occurring in the Arab world and the games of the African League and the Cup of the World and the most important international matches, the channel broadcasts high quality games and the transfer of the studio for the analysis of games as a channel to transfer news of Kuwaiti clubs and news players.

The Kuwait Sports Channel broadcasts are free on all satellite channels where news and games are broadcast on Nilesat satellite, Arabs Sat satellite, Hesse Sat satellite, Galaxy 19 satellite, Yutel Sat satellite and others, the channel follows a large number of residents of the Kuwait and the population of Saudi Arabia and The reputation of the company extends to many countries of the Arab world and has followers of different countries of the Arab world, and through this site all the inhabitants of Kuwait and the people of the world Arabic can follow the most important sports news and competitions through Kuwait sports channel frequency channel of Kuwait.

Frequency of the Kuwait sports channel

Through the following table, all Kuwaiti league fans and Kuwaiti club fans can follow the most important news and games:

frequency satellite Coding polarization Coefficient of correction of the error
12028 Galaxy 19 27500 Horizontal H 3/4
12052 Haspa Sat 27500 Horizontal H 3/4
12523 Arab Sat Badr 27500 Horizontal H 3/4
11678 Nile Sat 27500 Vertical V 3/4
11055 YOTEL SAT 27500 Vertical V 3/4

Kuwait League

The Kuwait Championship is the first of its kind in Kuwait: the first league championship was held in 1961, while the Club Al-Qadisiyah is considered the most popular club in Kuwait. In the league championship the club won 17 times and in second place came the Arab club, which won 16 times.

The tournament was held 55 times in the new era of Kuwaiti football, but it stopped only once during the 90-91 season following the invasion of Iraq in Kuwait, and the number of matches from The start of the league and also the 2011-2012 season is 4236 matches and the number of goals is 12056. The 2014-2015 season is the season with a score of 578 goals during the season. The 1993-1994 season is the lower season with 62 goals scored during the season.

The Kuwait channel is one of the most important channels that provides useful and varied multimedia materials that can be used to satisfy the different tastes of the spectators. You can easily download the frequency of the first Kuwait satellite channel on Nilesat 2019 and follow the programs offered by the channel.

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