New date for the PlayStation 5 presale


Am 19. November appears the PlayStation 5 and it is current out of stock. But that should change soon: in these stores, the PS5 soon available for pre-order!

The first is second wave of PS5 sales they were over in a flash, much to the chagrin of many PlayStation fans. The PS5 is currently sold out everywhere. Many gamers are therefore quite frustrated that they are heading to the big launch of the PS5 console on November 19, 2020 it will probably end up empty-handed. But there is actually some hope: early German retailers are now announcing that the third wave of console pre-orders will begin just in time for the PlayStation 5 launch.

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MediMax and Gamestop announce new pre-orders for PS5 from November 19th. to

The MediMax electronics chain has now officially announced via a Facebook post that from 19 November 2020, punctually on the day of the Sony console release, new pre-orders for PS5 will be possible again. It is not yet known when exactly the pre-ordered consoles will be delivered. MediMax has not yet announced when PS5 pre-orders will be possible again.

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The same day also wants Gamestop offer again the option to pre-order the PlayStation 5. But even here it is not clear when the pre-ordered PS5 consoles will actually be delivered. However, it looks like the PS5 will be released just in time for PS5’s release day the third official wave of console sales will begin, in which MediaMarkt, Saturn and Amazon can also participate. With the first two electronics giants, however, many buyers had recently received bad news and are now concerned if they will actually get the PS5 in time for release:

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Our advice: hold on on November 19, 2020 rather keep an eye out all day, as the console will likely run out of power again in a flash. You can see here where you can order the PS5 from Amazon

Pre-order PS5 – Standard Edition for 499 euros at

Preorder PS5 – Digital Edition for 399 euros at

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