New Blockchain City in Nevada, a gift for the Crypto community


The cryptocurrency millionaire and a consumer advocate, Jeffrey Berns, recently announced a new plan that could have a major impact on the development of the blockchain. Berns is also CEO of a company called Blockchains LLC. This is a company that has purchased over 67,000 hectares in northern Nevada at the start of this year. The deal cost about $ 170 million and the reason behind the purchase remained unknown until now.

The new city based on the Blockchain has been announced

A new announcement that only arrived a few days ago revealed plans to create a new city in the desert. However, this "Sandbox City" will not be dedicated to gambling in big casinos. Instead, this will be a futuristic city that will work with blockchain technology.

The goal of the project is to build the first distributed collaborative entity that will use numerous initiatives to help the blockchain ecosystem. Each will have its own voting powers and property rights registered on the blockchain, transparent and resilient to manipulation and tampering.

As expected, this structure will have neither government nor any large company in control and responsible for decision-making. Instead, all decisions concerning the city must be in the hands of its citizens, who will be able to vote on various issues and use cryptocurrencies as a payment method.

One of the goals is to demonstrate that new technologies that change the world can make commerce, business development and residential life possible to live together and improve life. While blockchain technology will remain at the heart of the project, all new and innovative technologies will be welcome, as long as they contribute to maintaining the democratic, honest and fair system. This includes things like nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, 3D printing and more.

Berns is preparing land for the construction of the city of Sandbox

Berns has already done a lot to turn this project into reality. The chosen area is close to complexes belonging to technology giants, such as Apple and Google. Furthermore, the area is also very close to Tesla's Gigafactory. Bernes has also invested over $ 300 million already, using this money to buy land, offices, employ staff and in the same way.

In addition, Berns bought much more, like the military bunkers that will be used to safely store digital physical resources. In addition to this, he bought an entire fortress in Switzerland, as well as one in Sweden, which will be used for the same purpose. Finally, Berns also stated that he had purchased a bank that provides fiat friendly solutions for crypts. This was his response to his former bank's decision to block his cards after it turned out to be one of Coinbase's clients.

Thanks to his investment in Ethereum in 2015, Berns seems to have earned a lot of money. The money that is now used to finance this project, which is its way to give back to the blockchain and encrypted world.

The idea, as we said, is not to become rich, nor to become a real estate magnate. Instead, its goal is to create this city where all decision-making processes will reach its citizens, and the corporate structure will be held by future employees, residents and investors.

The project is certainly ambitious and will probably take years to complete. However, many are excited by the possibilities of such an idea. Although it is not the first such project, Sandbox City is still a rather impressive target.

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