Nevada saw an influx of Blockchain registered marriages in 2018

Nevada saw an influx of Blockchain registered marriages in 2018


According to public records obtained from Washoe County, home to one of the wedding epicentres in Reno, Nevada, the region has seen over 950 marriages locked in the blockchain in 2018. Also, about 250 miles away in Elko, Nevada, county officials are registering birth certificates using blockchain technology.

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Blockchain registered marriages are on the rise in Nevada

Reno, Nevada, otherwise known as "the largest small city in the world", saw a significant number of marriages registered in blockchain last year. It is well known that getting married in Reno or Las Vegas around the world is extremely easy and, unlike other states, people can get a license without blood tests. Second at the records gathered last December, Washoe County saw over 950 marriages that were recorded in the Ethereum blockchain (ETH). The manager of a company called Titan Seal, Phil Dhingra, told the local Reno Gazette-Journal that the documents are cataloged in the blockchain of Eth because "[ETH] it has a computing power that makes it difficult to hack. "

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Reno is a popular place for people who get married quickly and easily.

Dhingra also explained that typically a traditional marriage certificate can take 10 working days for processing and that certificates with blockchain take less than 24 hours. Hunter Halcomb, a Washoe County system engineer, says people use this system because many people come to Reno to get married. Moreover, unlike paper certificates, owners can reuse them as often as they want without having to order a new seal each time the document is used. In addition to Washoe, Elko County has tested birth certificates deposited on a blockchain. The counties in Nevada have tested technology for records since Senate Bill 398 was introduced and eventually passed. The new law incorporates smart contracts into the state electronic registers law and all blockchain-related transactions are currently recognized by the state.

Other government agencies are not yet interested in digitally registered certificates

Registered Blockchain certificates are not a new concept because the idea has been tested many times in the past. In 2014 the first blockchain registered the marriage hosted by the startup Bitnation saw the marriage of Joyce and David Mondrus be officially registered in the BTC chain. The event was dubbed "Blockchain Marriage" and took place on October 5 at the Coins conference in Kingdom bitcoin at Disney World.

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The "Blockchain Marriage" hosted by Bitnation and Jeffrey Tucker saw the wedding of Joyce and David Mondrus officially registered in the BTC chain.

Other types of certificates have been archived in the BTC chain, as schools such as Holberton New Haven and MIT in Boston use the blockchain to record academic certifications. There are also some specialized platforms for blockchain-based data certification such as Blockcerts, Stampery and Blocksign. Last year, the web portal has launched a notary service on top of the Bitcoin Cash blockchain (BCH).

Meanwhile, Halcomb pointed out that there are currently some disadvantages of digitally registered certificates in Nevada. For example, the Social Security Administration was cordial towards this type of documentation, but the acceptance of the digital certificate with entities such as the department of motor vehicles in certain areas may vary, observed the technician of Washoe County Systems.

What do you think of the amount of blockchain-based marriage certificates in Nevada? Let us know what you think of this topic in the comments section below.

Images via Shutterstock, Coins in the Kingdom and Pixabay.

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