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Neufund provides details on the upcoming sale of security based on Blockchain | Crowdfund Insider

Neufund, a full-stack security token issuance platform, announced details of the upcoming "equity token offering" (ETO) for their parent company Fifth Force Gmbh (token symbol FTH). Announced last week, Neufund is ready to become the first European broadcaster to offer actions on a blockchain platform.

According to Neufund, public sale will start on December 9th (11:00 UTC) and will continue for seven days (there is a pre-sale period). The pre-money valuation of Neufund was set at € 125 million.

The buyers received a discount of 40% (ie 75 million euros) during the public sale with a soft cap of 1.23 million euros and a capitalization of 6.6 million euros. Buyers can participate with ETH or Euro. As previously reported, due to a request by the German regulator BaFin, there will be an initial minimum investment of € 100,000. Neufund says that once the request is resolved, the minimum will be eliminated to make the stock offer more accessible to a wider audience. If you are interested, Neufund is already authorizing investors.

Will Neufund and many other platforms usher in a new era of digital resources? Securities issued and managed on the blockchain? This is a good question. The global securities market is huge and some forecasts see a rapidly growing sector for blockchain-based securities that reduce overall friction and automate some of the existing processes, thus reducing costs and perhaps increasing liquidity.

Neufund has already published a list of upcoming security offers with others that are said to be in the queue.

Neufund, which sets a high standard of operation, explains why they are different in a blog post:

  • Our set of protocols for increased ownership allows all our tokens to represent legally enforceable rights, such as our stock tokens.
  • We are community owned and decentralized – those who invest through the Neufund network own the network. NEU token holders are co-owners of the platform and receive 100% of the revenue generated by it.
  • Our main technical developments are open source and open to the contribution of the community. Our technological efforts can be used freely to build other applications separate from the Neufund ecosystem.
  • We operate all over the world. Unlike our competitors, Neufund aims to accept retail investors from around the world.
  • Neufund is not just a set of protocols, but also an easy-to-use emission platform with embedded KYC / AML, legal architecture and a team of regulatory experts.
  • We have many solid secondary market partners: MSX from the Malta Stock Exchange, Binance, BitBay and Blocktrade.
  • Our set of protocols can be used as a base for tokens that represent different real-world resources: Equity is only the first application. Neufund has the goal to develop different types of activities in the future, such as real estate or debts.

The noble mission of Neufund to enable property to all has pursued a path in compliance with the regulations from the beginning. Unlike the crazy days of ICO tradition, Neufund worked closely with BaFin to provide a transparent service that does not question regulators but works in cooperation with them. This is the future for all cryptographic resources.

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