Netanyahu: We have reached 3 agreements with the Arab countries in just 6 weeks


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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tel Aviv has reached 3 peace agreements with Arab countries in just 6 weeks, indicating that there are other countries on the way to establishing relations with Israel.

Ophir Gendelman, spokesman for the Israeli prime minister, mentioned this on his official Twitter page on Saturday.

He stressed that Netanyahu said: “We have reached three peace agreements with Arab countries in just six weeks, and other Arab countries will establish relations with Israel.”

Netanyahu announced that “an Israeli delegation will visit Sudan in the next few days to start cooperation between the two countries in some areas, after announcing the normalization of relations between them yesterday, Friday”.

The Israeli prime minister said: “Sudan was a hostile country to Israel and participated in a war against us, and Iran used it as a land to smuggle dangerous weapons to Hamas.”

He added: “These agreements are good for security and the economy. An Israeli delegation will leave for Sudan in the next few days to complete the agreements, and there will be peace agreements with other Arab countries!”

Sudanese foreign minister designate, Omar Qamar al-Din, announced on Friday that the transitional government has agreed to normalize relations with Israel, explaining that “ratifying it remains the prerogative of the legislative bodies”.

Sudan became the fifth Arab country to announce the normalization of its relations with Tel Aviv, after Egypt (1979), then Jordan (1994), the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain (2020).

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