Netanyahu: Peace with the countries of the Arab world can help achieve peace with the Palestinians


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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday that peace agreements with Arab world countries could help achieve peace with the Palestinians.

In his speech at an Israeli Knesset session to discuss and vote on the normalization agreement between Israel and the UAE, Netanyahu stressed: “The agreement with the UAE does not include any secret annexes or clauses that have not been announced. “, noting that” peace with the countries of the Arab world can contribute to reaching an agreement “. Peace with the Palestinians “.

On September 15, the White House in Washington, DC witnessed the signing of two peace agreements between the United Arab Emirates and Israel, Bahrain and Israel. US President Donald Trump held a party to sign the two agreements, in the presence of the UAE delegations led by Abdullah bin Zayed and of Bahrain led by Foreign Minister Abdul Latif Al-Zayani, while the Israeli delegation was led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Trump stressed that “this agreement is the first peace agreement with Israel and Arab countries in more than a quarter of a century,” adding that many countries will follow this agreement. He also considered that “this agreement breaks the ties of the past”, adding: “It is the dawn of a new day in the Middle East that makes us take a new step towards a region where people live in security and peace”.

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