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NEO is making a comeback

At the time of writing, the NEO seems to take a very strong bullish pattern, as it currently trades well over $ 9.50.

The NEO was trading at the $ 8 resistance level last week, making an incredible recovery in the last 48 hours. The price of NEO has now risen by over 55% over the past month, after having plunged over 60% between November and December.

At current values, NEO is capitalized at $ 610.2 million, placing it in 16th place among active cryptocurrencies and one in advance of NEM. On Tuesday, the cryptocurrency was very successful compared to its peers.

In the top 50 cryptos by market capitalization, only Tron outperformed NEO in terms of percentage gains.

In the last 24 hours, NEO commercial volumes have reached $ 160 million, according to CoinMarketCap. Binance and BitMart were among the largest markets.

The DevCon from NEO is eagerly awaited

From February 16 to 17, NEO will host a developer conference in Seattle, Washington, in an effort to raise awareness of the project and address a range of technical topics. The first NEO DevCon, which was held in San Francisco last year, attracted over 600 participants and more than 40 speakers. According to the December monthly report of the NEO, the speakers of Microsoft and Accenture will be the protagonists of DevCon 2 next month.


NEO Da Hongfei founder says that DevCon targets three types of developers: "lower-level developers, developers of dApps and those who are trying to become pioneers in the transformation of blockchain for mass adoption".

In the company's annual review, Hongfei referred to 2018 as "the darkest hour" of the NEO, but said the protocol was still on its way to becoming "the most user-friendly public blockchain." NEO has kicked off 2019 making its VM (virtual machine) deployable outside the main network, which means developers outside of NEO can develop and execute smart contracts on the NEO chain.

It remains to be seen if the NEO can rebound from last year's selloff. Even according to the bear market standards, the NEOs underperformed their competitors during 2018, as the cryptocurrency lost more than 96%.

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