NEM Foundation to develop Blockchain copyright solutions for journalists in Argentina


NEM Foundation, responsible for developments on the NEM
blockchain signed an agreement with CISPREN, a local union of
journalists in Argentina who will see him develop a copyright protection

The system that will use blockchain technology for
give the checkmate the theft of content and help journalists get the necessary royalties.

A representative of NEM Argentina, Germán Guismondi, explained
that the Foundation will design a proof of concept and a system that allows the & # 39;
journalists easily and efficiently save their work on the blockchain.

He explained:

"The characteristics of our final product [will serve] to
verify the authorship of the content, being the moment of creation e
the type of content the most important aspects and an interface so usable
you can save documents in Blockchain with one click. And all this without it
decreasing the speed of the content publishing process. "

He added that a blockchain solution so easy to use was
not available to the journalist, so the need for the NEM team to develop the

A free translation of his explanation said:

"For now to keep the content in Blockchain you have to do
different movements: registered on the platform or on the wallet, upload the article and
receive the hash or apostille document. "

He explained that this complexity discouraged users
embracing the blockchain solution:

"We know that every extra movement of the mouse lowers the
number of users who are encouraged to take the process forward. The interface is
always an impediment to the user, the ideal interface is when the action is
executed without an interface, "he said.

Blockchain used for
For copyright protection

As reported by Smartereum,
Blockchain journalism project Civil on several occasions in partnership with Associated
Awards (AP) and Forbes for its decentralized news platform. As part of the agreement,
According to reports, AP was interested in using the blockchain to protect its property rights
and supporting ethical journalism. Forbes has also planned to write its authors
simultaneously on its platform and the civil platform.

Although Civil has only collected a small part of the proposed $ 8
million in its ICO, the company announced that it was going ahead with the
launch planned for February 2019 and publication of decentralized publication tools.

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