Nearly one in ten coronavirus survivors deteriorate after discharge


The professor. John Hurst, of UCL’s division of medicine, said: “Understanding the ‘long Covid’ is critical to helping people who have had this life-changing experience get back to health.”

To monitor patients who had recovered from coronavirus, the team set up follow-up clinics to examine both psychological and physiological symptoms of discharged patients.

In total, they observed 384 patients who tested positive for Covid-19 and were treated at Barnet Hospital, Royal Free Hospital, or UCL Hospital.

The average length of hospital stay was approximately 6.5 days.

All patients were phoned or seen in person by a member of the clinical team on average 54 days after leaving the hospital.

In addition to physical problems, 15% also suffered from depression. It supports a study published earlier this week that found that 18% of hospitalized coronavirus patients were diagnosed with a psychiatric condition.


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