NC, Lineage M 2M power, high performance in 3Q


Sales of 585.2 billion won, operating profit of 217.7 billion … Lineage M’s record growth.

Bulso 2, TL and Aion 2 out next year … “Lineage 2M will also become a cash cow”

A view of NCsoft’s Pangyo office building. / NCSoft

NCsoft (036570)With the driving effect of Lineage-based mobile games “Linege M” and “Linege 2M”, sales in the third quarter of 2020 increased by 69% compared to the same period last year.

NCsoft (CEO Kim Taek-jin) announced on the 16th that it had recorded KRW 585.2 billion in sales and KRW 217.7 billion in operating profit in the third quarter of 2020. This is an increase of 47% and 69% compared to the same period last year. Net profit increased 34% to KRW 152.5 billion.

Mobile game sales accounted for 67% of total sales, or 3896 billion won. Lineage M is KRW 254.5 billion and the successor, Lineage 2M, is KRW 144.5 billion. Notably, Lineage M sales increased 53% quarterly due to the effect of the 3rd anniversary update. In a conference call following the announcement of the results, Jang-wook Lee, executive director of NC, said, “Lineage M has achieved the highest sales since the first quarter of 2018”.

However, Lineage 2M sales were down 27% from the previous quarter, which was KRW 197.3 billion. Chief Executive Lee said, “Natural drop in sales for one year after launch.” “We expect sales to stabilize with the first anniversary update to be rolled out later this month, and we expect to become ‘Cash Cow’ with a long run in the long run.” Explained.

Online PC game sales recorded KRW 49.9 billion for Lineage, KRW 26.3 billion for Lineage 2, KRW 8.5 billion for Aion, KRW 17.2 billion for Blade & Soul and 18, KRW 8 billion for Guild Wars 2, respectively. Of these, Lineage sales increased 46% quarterly and Guild Wars 2 sales increased 20%.

By region, Korea accounted for the largest number of 477.1 billion won. Furthermore, it was KRW 27.4 billion in North America and Europe, KRW 13.9 billion in Japan and KRW 7.9 billion in Taiwan. Royalty sales were 58.8 billion won.

/ NCSoft

New formations are also waiting. On the 10th, NC released a new console and PC platform game “FUSER” in North America and Europe. In addition, games like “Trickster M”, “Blade and Soul 2” and “Project TL (Project the Lineage)” will be introduced in sequence at home and abroad. Chief Executive Lee said, “We plan to release” Blade and Soul 2 “in the first quarter of next year and” Project TL “and” Aion 2 “aim to be released next year.” “In the future, we will introduce various projects at closer intervals. I said.

It also promotes business diversification, driven by artificial intelligence (AI). In October, NC announced that it would establish a joint venture with KB Securities and launch a simple investment securities firm based on AI technology. Chief Executive Lee explained, “We will be using AI in more fields, not limited to games and finance.” It also launched the K-POP entertainment platform “UNIVERSE” through its entertainment subsidiary “KLAP”. NC expects Universe to be a platform to protect IP (intellectual property) for K-pop artists or expose NC to global clients.
/ Reporter Oh Ji-hyun [email protected]

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