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Pending the start of the 2020-2021 season of Venezuelan League of Professional Baseball (LVBP) we keep remembering the file lions of rivalry of the CaracasNavagentes of the Magallanes a day like today.

The Alfonzos in action (brothers with home runs)

University Stadium, November 15, 1996

Juan Carlos Pulido (Magallanes) and Ugueth Urbina (Caracas) staged a nice duel of launch with Magellan winning 1 out of 0 in 7 episodes.

Left-handed José Centeno, in relief from Urbina, knocked out Eddy Díaz early in the eighth act and immediately Edgardo Alfonzo (Third base of the navigators) took the ball out of bounds for the 2-0.

Pulido, with that advantage, went in to pitch in the 9th inning and the first hitter, Edgar Alfonzo (brother of Edgardo) hit a home run on the left wing and the game went 2-1. Pulido had pulled 19 batters in single file. Bryan Rogers came to the rescue, throwing all 3 outs from the ninth for a save.

It was the first time that 2 brothers (from different teams) performed home runs in the same match.

Juan Carlos Pulido drew the Lions and Magallanes won 2/1 (The Alfonzo brothers: Edgar, from Caracas, and Edgardo, from Magallanes, scored home runs)

University Stadium of Caracas, November 15, 1996

The southpaw Juan Carlos Pulido had the best part in the duel against the right Ugueth Urbina, to take the Magallanes win 2-1 against Caracas at a meeting held in the park of the UCV, the scene where the brothers Edgardo Y Edgar Alfonzo They sent full circuit blasts to each team.

Pulido went through eight innings, in which he conceded three hits, scored a run, knocked out six, and freed himself.

In the eighth, Magellan reached the hairline which gave him definitive figures for the score. Edgardo Alfonzo hit hard on delivery of left-handed reliever José Centeno and the ball landed in the center of the field represents his first homer of the season.

From the second inning, when Carlos Hernández hit him, Pulido had withdrawn 19 gunners in a row, until Edgar Alfonzo, eighth hitter and left defender, returned home as first hitter for the Lions established a good connection to get the ball over the left court fence.

Let’s remember that game from the old preference of the rigthfield of the University on a Friday evening if we need memory and above all the home runs of Edgardo Y Edgar Alfonzo.


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