Naturipe adheres to the blockchain initiative | packer


The Berry company Naturipe Farms, Salinas, California, joins a group of food companies that use blockchain technology to improve food safety and cut waste.

Companies are collaborating with SAP in an effort to improve the food supply chain, according to a press release.

"Currently, food supply chain stakeholders record their product information and share only when necessary," said Naturipe Farms' IT Director Carol McMillan in a press release. "The goal is to help create a system with greater trust and transparency among companies to increase operational speed and simplification."

The goal is to help build "the new generation of farm-to-consumer" trace and track ", also known in a digital food supply chain," according to the release.

Naturipe and SAP want to increase the integrity and efficiency of the supply chain through the blockchain initiative, according to the release. Carol McMillan is scheduled to speak in a panel at the SAP Enterprise Blockchain Symposium, September 5 to 6 in Palo Alto, California

"We are working with leading brands in the food industry to unlock the potential of the blockchain to tackle the industry's biggest challenges in the supply chain, "said Hans Thalbauer, senior vice president of SAP for IoT and the Digital Supply Chain. "The case is important to SAP because our technology helps reduce food waste and optimize the supply chain."

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