Nations League: Belgium beat England, Italy bodigt Poen


The Dutch show no problems against Bosnia and Herzegovina. Image: keystone

Belgium beat England and are in the running for the final stage, even sovereign Italy

Belgium and Italy have taken another step towards group victory in the Nations League. The Belgians beat England 2-0 at home, Italy won against Poland with the same result.

Group 1

Netherlands 3-1 Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Netherlands remain in the running for a place in the Nations League Finals. Frank de Boer’s team won 3-1 against Bosnia and Herzegovina without a win in Amsterdam. Captain Georginio Wijnaldum met twice in the first quarter of an hour. Bosnia and Herzegovina were relegated to League B before the last round.

The 1-0 in Wijnaldum (6th) Video: streamja

Wijnaldum’s 2-0 (13th) Video: streamja

Depay’s 3-0 (55th) Video: streamja

Prevljak’s 3: 1 (63.) Video: streamja

Netherlands – Bosnia and Herzegovina 3: 1 (2: 0)
Amsterdam. – SR Letexier (FRA). –
Tore: 6. Wijnaldum 1: 0. 14. Wijnaldum 2: 0. 55. Depay 3: 0. 63. Prevljak 3: 1.

Italy 2-0 Poland

Roberto Mancini is also successful with Italy. The “Squadra Azzurra” has been undefeated for over two years. Because infected with the coronavirus, he had to leave his assistant Alberico Evani behind. He never had to worry about winning. The Italians were clearly superior to the Poles around Robert Lewandowski. Only at the end did they find it difficult and had to wait until the 83rd minute before the substitute Domenico Berardi made the 2-0. Jorginho had led the four-time world champion with a penalty.

The 1-0 with Jorginho (27.) Video: streamja

Berardi’s 2-0 (83.) Video: streamja

Italy – Poland 2: 0 (1: 0)
Reggio Emilia. – SR Turpin (FRA). –
Tor: 27. Jorginho (Foul penalty) 1: 0. 84.Berardi 2: 0. –
Remarks: 77th yellow and red card against Goralski (Poland).

Group 2

Belgium 2-0 England

Last Wednesday in the friendly against Switzerland, Belgium did not impress despite the 2-1. In the second match in Leuven within a few days, the Belgians did not appear irresistible, this time in the best possible formation, but thanks to the victory they defended their leading position in Group 2 and on Wednesday they will compete against the last remaining competitor Denmark for a place in the finals of the next tournament. October.

Belgium impressed with its efficiency. The only two shots in the first 75 minutes found their target: Youri Tielemans, the playmaker of Premier League Leicester leader, scored 1-0 after eleven minutes, and Dries Mertens doubled in under half an hour with a punishment converted directly after. For Roberto Martinez it was the 39th victory in his 50th international match as coach of the Belgian national team (D7, L4).

Belgium 2-0 England (2-0)
Leuven. – SR Makkelie (NED).
Tore: 10. Tielemans 1: 0. 24. Mertens 2: 0.

Denmark 2-1 Iceland

Iceland remains without points. Denmark, however, needed two penalties from Christian Eriksen to take home the win. Iceland drew their first goal in the 85th minute, seven minutes later with the second penalty the decision was made. Thanks to the victory, Denmark can continue to dream of winning the group.

Eriksen’s 1-0 (11th) Video: streamja

Kjartansson’s 1: 1 (85.) Video: streamja

Denmark – Iceland 2: 1 (1: 0)
Copenhagen. – SR Meler (TUR). –
Tor: 12. Eriksen (Foulpenalty) 1: 0. 85. Kjartansson 1: 1. 92. Eriksen (Hand penalty) 2: 1.

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