MultiVAC platform performs all-dimensional & # 39; Sharding Breakthrough for Ethereum Blockchain



"Breakthrough In Sharding" MultiVAC Platform

Multivac, a blockchain platform, has recently reported that it has achieved a "breakthrough" in terms of downsizing downsizing technology. The information, reported in a November 5 press release, indicates that the company was able to reach 30,784 transactions in a second and did so using 64 fragments. Furthermore, the total transactions for the fragments were over 30,000 at the top.

The platform also indicated that its "solution of expansion of all dimensions" could be used for commercial applications and crypto mining, even if the computer is at reduced performance.

For those who are not aware, "sharding" is usually associated with Ethereum (ETH) blockchain and the update process. A few months ago, Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, said that sharding can become a part of Ethereum.

In addition, Buterin also discussed the direction of Ethereum 2.0, called Serenity, in a speech he gave at the Devcon conference this year. In addition to providing transfers to proof-of-stake algorithms, Serenity it would also include sharding.

As for BTC, developer Mark Friedenbach illustrated how Bitcoin's downsizing would depend sharding and that he would not need a difficult fork in the process. He also said that the process would increase "the volume of settlement transactions to 3.584 times the current levels". Furthermore, it would add resistance to censorship.

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