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MuleChain launches the crowdfunding campaign on the StartEngine platform for the blockchain delivery service

NEWPORT BEACH, California, 28 November 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – via CryptoCurrencyWire – MuleChain, the creators of a global P2P decentralized delivery and deposit service on the blockchain, today announce that their crowdfunding campaign is live on the StartEngine platform. Rules Crowdfunding allows everyone, regardless of their net assets or income level, to invest in securities issued by startup companies.

MuleChain is a smart blockchain investment project that has been in development since the beginning of 2018. MuleChain, Inc. is a C-Corp registered in Delaware. The team of the company is currently involved in the creation of the technology platform and decentralized blockchain apps. Selected test markets will be targeted early for the initial launch.

To learn more about the MuleChain campaign on StartEngine, visit https://www.startengine.com/mulechain-inc.

"MuleChain is entering our next phase of growth to complete the build-out of the platform, the web and mobile apps in order to officially launch our services on a well-founded foundation," said Ralph Liu, CEO and founder of MuleChain. "We chose the Crowdfunding regulation on StartEngine to go around the world with our message and connect with people who share our vision for the democratization of delivery and warehouse activities on a decentralized P2P platform."

This project will use blockchain technology to create a social value that has the potential to evolve into a global movement fueled by individuals rather than being limited to the traditional limitations of a simple commercial enterprise. Every traveler could be a mule and every person who stays at home could become the owner of a package station. Everyone, rich or poor, young or old, skilled or disabled, men or women of any race and origin, will have this new job opportunity to earn extra casual income at a time that is cheaper for them or even make a full-time live For themselves. In addition, the new concept of convenience service could help to drastically reduce the burning of fossil fuels, reduce the carbon footprint of humanity, help improve the global environment and save many trees!

About MuleChain

MuleChain aims to help millions of people participate in the global sharing economy by redefining global peer-to-peer logistics. We use blockchain technology to create a decentralized network where users can create requests for both local and cross-border delivery services. Users can also perform archiving and delivery functions for requests on the network, earning cryptocurrency as payments to provide services.

To learn more about MuleChain, visit: https://www.mulechain.com/.https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/wfE5jixZ7lkSluACu9B0CPj-uPHoRchxv7jZ71zzE0SosxnBrgLv3od4SN1qpsqsdHZIDagkrJFLjGUKtg0Yu685b8X5A0OgS-bR9-w08KWeeETHys8A2vICGBP-JpefeFwD8RvN

Forward-looking statements
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Tel: 1-888-456-8881

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