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Mueller contradicts the relationship that Trump has instigated Cohen to perjure

The "Buzzfeed" online portal reported that US President Trump has instigated his former lawyer Cohen to falsify the US Congress. Now comes an unusual contradiction.

In one of his extremely rare statements, US Special Envoy Robert Mueller rejected a report according to which US President Donald Trump allegedly instigated his former lawyer Michael Cohen. The representations of the "Buzzfeed" online portal are "incorrect", said Peter Carr, spokesman for the Special Investigator, in Washington. Trump himself rejected the accusations as a lie.

Mueller's spokesman said the presentation of "specific communications to the Special Investigation Office" and "the description of documents and testimonies" received from the Office regarding Cohen's testimony before Congress were "wrong". Buzzfeed's editor-in-chief, Ben Smith, said on Twitter that the online portal is about the relationship and its informants. Mueller should specify his details.

"Buzzfeed" sticks to the presentation

The online portal reported Thursday, citing two anonymous officials of the order, Cohen, according to his report of his false intentions of 2017 on the President's personal instructions. Cohen's statements to the Intelligence Committees focused on the planned construction of a Trump Tower in Moscow.

Cohen "lies to reduce his term", replied Trump on Twitter. President Hogan Gidley also described Cohen as a proven "liar". The charges were "ridiculous" and lacking "any evidence and credibility," Gidley told Fox News on television.

Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison

Trump said after the statement of the office of Mueller, "A very sad day for journalism, but a great day for our country!" His lawyer Rudy Giuliani rejected the accusations as "categorically wrong". The new president of the House Intelligence Committee, the Democrat Adam Schiff, said: "We will do everything possible to see if it is true".

Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison in December, partly because of his false statements to Congress. He had admitted to the investigators that he had made false statements to the committees on the Trump Group project of a high-rise tower with luxury apartments in Moscow. Contrary to his original statements, it is said that the project was pursued until June 2016, that is, until Trump was almost certainly a Republican presidential candidate.

Trump denies Russia's business

Cohen had testified to the committees that the Trump Tower project had already been buried in January 2016, prior to the start of the Republican primaries. The chronology is highly explosive in that it concerns the fact that Trump has pursued business interests in Russia at an advanced stage of his electoral campaign – which in turn could have influenced his political position towards Moscow. Trump has repeatedly denied "business" in Russia.

Cohen also admitted to investigators that he often advised Trump about the Moscow project, as he had originally led. The lawyer has worked for Trump for more than ten years and was considered one of his key problem solvers and closest confidants. So he has a lot of internal knowledge about the business and about the personal circumstances of the president.

Since May 2017, Mueller has been investigating the alleged Russian interference in favor of Trump in the 2016 election campaign and the possible collusion between the Trump and Moscow team. He also claims that Trump tried to hinder the investigation of the Russian business after the settlement.

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