Mothers who exchange bitcoins


In January, Tiffany Britt made an unusual callout on a Facebook group of private parents. Would any of the other moms in the group be interested in pooling money to invest in bitcoins, he wondered? At the time, the mother of Stay-at-home in Los Angeles was eight months pregnant and took care of a young child. She also dabbled in cryptocurrency and had a small but admirable profit of just over $ 1,000 – not bad for a beginner. But she wanted to get bigger, so she launched the call on Facebook. The answer was surprisingly positive: about 30 moms sent Britt money – $ 20 here, $ 100 there – to collect several shares of the dish. When all was said and done, he had raised $ 1,400 to invest in bitcoin and bitcoin liquidity.

Cryptocurrency – or crypto – is unregulated digital money that is sent and tracked via a secure system called a blockchain. There are dozens of different types of cryptography. The best known of the group is called bitcoin, and has seen a huge increase in popularity and recognition of the name with the general public because it experienced a meteoric rise (followed by a devastating fall) in value at the beginning of this & # 39; year. A group jumping on the scrambled bandwagon is a housewife mother, some of whom see it as an opportunity to earn some extra money from the comfort of their living room and enter the ground floor of a booming industry, often touted as the future of investments.

While most people have at least heard of bitcoins, the world of investment encryption remains relatively exclusive, and mostly dominated by men. A survey found that 95% of the bitcoin connoisseurs were men. Beginning in 2016, the Coin.Dance community, the popular bitcoin user site, was made up of only 1.76% females. But it is not surprising that women are raising a chair at the cryptocurrency table. Women account for up to 80% of household spending and financial decisions and their income is estimated at $ 18 trillion a year.

Investing in cryocurranza is not particularly difficult. Britt definitely had "zero training or knowledge about finance or investment". But she and some of her friends had been teaching the stock market little by little for several years before expanding into cryptocurrency. Like all new skills, learning how to encrypt investment takes time – say, the same amount of time and effort it could take to learn how to play an instrument or consolidate an old family recipe. Maybe from a few minutes to an hour a day or a few hours a week. All you need is access to a computer or smartphone and the Internet, a credit card or bank account with some money in it, a driving license and the ability to read.

There are also a handful of online communities that have popped up, catering specifically for moms who invest in cryptocurrency., for example, boasts a "cryptocurrency learning center" and boasts a "friendly forum". A "start here" link provides users with some general information on cryptocurrency and guides them through the basic steps of creating a coin wallet and buying bitcoins.

Arry Yu is the COO and president of Storm, a "gamed micro-activity platform" "Built using blockchain technology that allows users to perform various small tasks on their phones in exchange for cryptocurrency rewards. mother for a child, and is self-taught in the ways of the crypt. "There are a lot of free resources out there," says Yu. "I pulled out several audiobooks so whenever I was driving or my son was taking a nap, I would listen to each In the morning, I spend a little time researching and seeing the latest news. When I was learning, I also went to Facebook and asked if anyone was a "blockchain genius" and if I could take them for coffee. "

As with all investments, there is always the risk of losing money with cryptocurrency.The purchase of Britt's original group of $ 1,400 is steadily losing value and is now worth around $ 550. But she says that the idea was not necessarily to "make money" but to become a writer in an emerging field. "I think the goal was that if [all the moms who invested] had a bit of skin in the game, we could do research individually and publish what we learned in [the group]"explained Britt.

Yu says he has made hundreds of his investments, but she is not focused on getting rich quick." In general I'm doing well, but it is not at all what excites me, "he says." This is just the beginning of something that is better. This is the interesting part. "

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