Mother of 2 poisoned children is being investigated in Ecuador as a serial killer


“Lissa C., suspected of the murder of her two children and a man, which took place on October 28 in the city of Pifo, is allegedly linked to another violent death in June”. He tried to kill two brothers and their mother.


Ecuadorian police have determined that the alleged perpetrator of the triple murder recorded on October 28 in Pifo, a rural parish in Quito, could be a “serial killer” who also killed another person on June 11 and attempted murder. for others.

“We found a relationship with a previous murder by poisoning”, moreover “the criminalistics department found traces of the accused in the place where June’s victim died”, confirmed General Fausto Olivo, Director of the Directorate at a press conference. . Violent deaths (Dinased).

According to the police, the woman, identified as Lissa C., 25, acted in both cases with the same modus operandi: “poisoning”.

“Lissa C., suspected of the murder of her two children and a man, which took place on October 28 in the municipality of Pifo, would be linked to another violent death that occurred in June of this year, in the same city”, summarizes the confirmation from the police.

In addition to his children, the decaying corpse of a man of about 28, identified as Jaime Y.

His body was “wedged under the kitchen sink, sealed with canvas and plastered with cement. The body was in a state of putrefaction,” the prosecutor’s office reported at the time.

The woman was detained for 30 days for investigative purposes for the alleged crime of murder and also to ascertain her possible involvement in other violent deaths.

This Friday the police confirmed that “the investigative technical processes have found footprints” inside the building where, on June 11, Marco E. died and that they coincide with those of the woman being tried, so there would be an alleged relationship between the two cases. .

The 48-year-old man was poisoned with toxic substances and the National Police assume that, “in the house where they found the individual, some kind of social meeting took place, so they are investigating the connection that the victim had. with the woman “. , according to a statement.

General Olivo then spoke of the possibility of a “serial killer”.

Investigations also suggest that she may be responsible for other “attempts to assassinate members of the same family and social background, which occurred in September and October of this year.”

According to the general, on September 2 he tried to poison his two brothers and 56-year-old mother, which caused his mother a stroke.

In addition, on October 5, he apparently tried to end the life of a woman who came to her home to apply for a job.

Police Major Iván Naranjo, head of the violent deaths unit of the metropolitan district, stressed that “according to the first medical examinations carried out on the suspect, no indications were found that she had previously ingested any substance, so it is assumed that the deaths were caused under conscience, “according to the statement.

All medical and psychological studies are currently underway to determine the legal status of the suspect.

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