Moscow officials use Ethereum Blockchain for agriculture


As soon as the warm spring winds are starting to blow and the first gardening makes its appearance, more farmers and organic food producers start to form a waiting queue of their turn for a point of exchange on the market. The capital of the Russian Federation, Moscow, became a popular destination for farmers in neighboring countries who opened a trade route while transporting their goods to the crowded and populated city.

Yet despite the annual inflow of farmers, the Moscow authorities still lack a transparent and efficient system for spot distribution. The archbishop of a bitter cryptocurrency king Bitcoin, Ethereum is going to strengthen an intelligent system that will equitably allocate the points of exchange to farmers for the weekend market.

The current system is operating under pressure, as the number of points available is strictly limited and the competition is very intense. Over 20,000 farmers from Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan applied for the market season between April 20 and November 25 and only about 15,000 candidates were approved.

The Ethereum-based system is to create a transparent record of applications, with updates made for those who are allowed or denied access, according to Andrey Borodyonkov, who serves as a blockchain product manager for the Moscow City Hall. The illustrated system is expected to facilitate application review and control processes, while on the farmers side of a spectrum, it also provides an unbiased selection, since once entered the blockchain, applications could not be altered or removed. [19659003] Borodyonkov also referred to the blockchain as a further guarantee that the grievances of the farmers are a matter of the past, saying:

"The entire data set is publicly visible, transparent and available for download. case, the sending time can be confirmed, while the chronology of the application history can also be checked. "

The dissatisfaction of the farmers for the system currently running was one of the triggering factors. for the development of the proposal. Andrey Belozerov, strategist and consultant for the innovations of the IOC of the Moscow Municipality, believes that the new system will reduce the number of unpleasant cases.

He explained in the press release:

"We believe that farmers should have a transparent system to see why their application is rejected or approved Blockchain is to make sure that the process is completely transparent and no one can change a & # 39. Application We hope that blockchain will offer full transparency to all. "

Moscow City Hall has been looking for blockchain experts since 2016, as stated by Andrey Borodyonkov. This year, that team officially created the division called "Product Blockchain". At the moment, a future savior of the Moscow trade is trading for $ 289.74 with a slight increase of 0.79% according to data from It remains to be seen if the recently announced announcement would change in any way a long-term perspective of the price of Ethereum.

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