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Tron (TRX) as cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has come a long way to curve a niche for itself in the encrypted space. According to recent Tron news (TRX), the launch of Tron Virtual Machine today positions blockchain technology ahead of other competing digital assets that marks a major milestone in Tron's development calendar.

There is a sense of excitement among the members of the Tron community as they wait to introduce a new dispensation of scalability and efficiency on the TRON platform. Justin Sun, CEO and founder of Tron (TRX) announced the launch of Tron's virtual machine via its Twitter handle, saying:

Justin Sun tweeted this tweet even today .

Tron as blockchain technology and as a platform did news for all the good reasons and it was fortunate to arouse a lot of interest from the general public and the main financial institutions around the world.

Many large companies have adopted the Tron platform in their operations, thanks to its culture of consistency and attitude in doing business, especially from the beginning of this year. Tron has managed to host many projects on his network with much more waiting in line to adopt blockchain technology.

Tron Recent Burst of Activities

There is no doubt that Tron (TRX) has been very busy this year with March 31 st Testnet commissioning, acting as the beginning of a new era in the blockchain sector. The Testnet version played an important role in the introduction of the Mainnet project, which in turn stimulated the trust of investors and consumers in Tron's blockchain technology, leading to an increase in adopters and investors.

Within a few months of the adoption and massive partnerships of Tron, the value of the price of virtual currencies has begun to show positive signs with the cryptography market that seems very accessible. Although many altcoins have fallen victim to bad prices due to the low market trend that hit the encrypted market from the beginning of June, the stability and resolution of Tron (TRX) seem to be guaranteed on the projects that had invested by Testnet .

What's so special with Tron Virtual Machine?

According to a recent press release from Tron staff members (TRX), blockchain technology will launch their planned TVMs today, promising users superior experience by providing the desired network optimization and scalability. Tron's Virtual Machine will be customized on the Tron platform.

We already know that Tron VM will be a turning point because during the test phase, the platform has experienced an increase in transactions per second managing more than 49,000 transactions in a single day. Project of the Tron project team The TVM will be able to process more than one million transactions in one day.

According to the CEO and founder of blockchain technology, Justin Sun, the Tron VM will be compatible with other virtual machines belonging to other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum.

After the launch of the Virtual Machine, developers will be on the winning side as they will enjoy a more secure, scalable, efficient, stable and convenient blockchain network.

Nevertheless, the bandwidth theory will be applied to Tron VMs, which means that no transaction fees will be imposed on smart contracts or normal transactions. During the release of the Beta version, Tron's CTO, Lucien, said that Tron's decentralized application ecosystem would be divided into three parts, namely third-party tools, development tools and engine tools. .

Just like Ethereum development tools Tron's development tools including TronLink, Tron Remix, TronWeb and TronTruffle are prerequisites for developers who want to develop a whole distributed application.

In addition, with these development tools, Tron VM will provide developers with 20 different templates to allow developers to create more consistent games by arbitrating models when creating their own dApps.

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