More than half of the world uses social media


The results of Digital’s October 2020 Global Statshot report have been announced. With the report in question, the number of global internet users and social media habits have become clear.

According to TheNextWeb report, the number of social media users worldwide has surpassed the 4 billion band. The number of global social media users was determined to be 4.14 billion.

In other words, more than half of our planet, which is home to 7.81 billion people, is made up of social media users.

Furthermore, statistics show that 15% of the time a user is awake on social media.

According to another piece of information in the report, the number of people with cell phones worldwide is 5.2 billion and the number of people with internet access is 4.66 billion.

The most visited websites were determined with the same research conducted on the basis of internet traffic data for September and October.

Google was at the top of the list. The company’s video service YouTube and Facebook followed Google.

The digital encyclopedia Wikipedia and the Amazon online shopping platform found themselves in the top 5.

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