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More Blows On Ethereum (ETH) As Binance (BNB) prepares to exit at the beginning of 2019

Binance has shown that it is committed to launching Binance Mainnet in 2019, a decision that will make the platform completely off the Ethereum network.

Binance will join the likes of Tron (TRX), EOS and others who have left the ERC20 and Zilliqa network which plans to completely abandon the network in January 2019.

In a letter from Binance CEO Changpeng "CZ" Zhao to the Binance community, the cryptor guru highlighted that more features are coming on Binance.com and Binance (BNB) Chain testnet "with a high performance native DEX and a confirmation of the 1 second transaction the time will come live in January 2019.

He said that Binance will have up to 10 fiat exchanges worldwide, and I hope to cooperate with other industry leaders in 2019.

"Binance built the Binance chain, with a native DEX on a chain.A version of testnet was distributed and distributed to our partners and we expect a public testnet to be available in January 2019, with the launch of the mainnet a couple of months later . "

"The Binance chain is unique in many ways, with block times of 1 second and 1 confirmation goal, we hope it will serve some niche features that other blockchains have not covered."

Other coins Adoptions for Binance (BNB)

CZ, while planning to increase BNB's adoptions in the coming year, informed that Binance will invest in more interesting projects and engage in more transparent charitable organizations in 2019.

Previously, CZ pointed out that 2018 was a hellish year indicating that the cryptocurrency declined in 2018. It foiled some ICO projects in 2017 that were not delivered in 2018 despite the high expectations.

Like Ripple's CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, CZ wrote about regulatory uncertainty and how the progress of the digital currencies sector has stalled this year. He asked for the unit to increase the price of cryptocurrency.

"We, as a young industry, were not very united, there were struggles between the projects, among people and stupid forks that caused further drops in price".

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