Months after the launch of EOS MainNet again to challenge Ethereum. The Bulls Hang On As EOS turns green

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Months after the launch of EOS MainNet again to challenge Ethereum

EOS was promoted as the killer Ethereum and in fact has maintained the community's expectation for the prolonged ICO that many they described it as an infinite that was later terminated before the MainNet platform was launched. Since then, EOS has had some problems that could be attributed to its novelty in the cryptosphere.

However, currency has not yet posed a serious challenge for Ethereum as the go-to platform for decentralized applications and smart contracts as expected.

Of course, EOS has taken some giant steps, how to get a market share that has seen it go from twelfth to fifth position. The cryptocurrency now has a market capitalization of $ 4,436,874,545 USD, down from $ 7,511,110,027 USD mainly to the downward currencies market. Its price has dropped from $ 12.79 to the start of the year to $ 5.03 today. There seems to be little hope that will rise to its maximum of $ 22 as witnessed in the last week of April.

EOS and the others twist it like Bitcoin Surges

Whenever the price of Bitcoin rises, it announces good times for the coin market in general. However, it could be bad news for some altcoin if the market share of premier currency increases in price. Bitcoin has always been the dominant currency and the increase in its dominant position means that the funds go from some alt-over to BTC.

As at the time of this report, Ethereum, Vchain, Tron, EOS, Neo, IOTA and XRP are seeing reasonable the upward movement of their prices with the IOTA in the head earning 5.59%. Tron earned 3.77% while EOS gained 2.03%.

Bulls get stuck while EOS turns green

Bulls were able to hold on to the $ 3.8723 support by pushing eos above the moving average. This shows that sellers are running out, but market confidence will be decisive for how long it will last.

EOS / USD price chart, Sunday 26 August:

  EOS Price Chart

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