Money in Bitcoin costs 0.3% Bitcoin, ripple at $ 0.01 by 2023: forecast


Ripple (XRP) will only be worth 1 cent US dollar within five years and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) will vanish, a new damned report from ICO's Satis Group consulting firm expects on August 30th.

Satis: Ripple & # 39; Misleadingly Marketed & # 39;

Noting the future trajectory for the cryptocurrency industry, Satis made a clear distinction between activities that "apply unique value propositions to deep and viral markets" and copied tokens.

Bitcoin, Monero and Decred, as examples of the former, are set for huge gains by 2023 – Bitcoin is expected to cost $ 96,000, Monero $ 18,000 and Decre $ 535.

Bitcoin Cash, by contrast, is an example of "cryptoassets who attempt to inherit brand recognition and offer a minimal technological advantage to the incumbents."

Ripple, continues Satis, represents "cryptoassets that are misleadingly marketed, unnecessary within their own network and have centralized ownership / validation. "

As such, Bitcoin Cash [19659008] 0 0 will pale compared to Bitcoin at $ 268 in five years, while Ripple will become in fact useless. Satis adds:

Most Application-Specific Networks & Other Utility & # 39; they have a very low value, in their current construct.

The market value of the cryptocurrency will have a value of $ 3.6T

The comments constitute some of the most pessimistic to hit with the XRP of Ripple token 0 0 that he fought a slew of negative publicity this month. As Bitcoinist reported, the confusion of its token utility and contradictory statements by the leaders have earned the indignation of the company from various sources.

Likewise, Bitcoin Cash has become a critical and even ridiculous center this month after the alleged liquidity problems suffered by the mining giant Bitmain, an important coal holder.

Beyond the shortcomings of those activities, Satis meanwhile predicts that the cryptocurrency markets, in general, will be destined to boom throughout the next decade.

"We estimate the amount of criptoasset market value needed to support economic activities to expand from (~ $ 500 billion) next year to $ 3.6 trillion in 2028," says the company .

The results are part of a five – series of installations examining the cryptocurrency industry.

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