Monetize everything! Connection of the Internet of Things to the blockchain: presentation of STED

With 10 billion smart devices (aka things) connected to the Internet, with a forecast of 45 billion more by 2025. Blockchain, a decentralized technology, derives values ​​offering security and trust with its technologies and distributed register structures . IoT provides an ideal ecosystem for blockchain technologies. They can work together in a new business model and domain that will generate immeasurable values ​​through the collection and exchange of data and services between smart devices.

That's why Hong Kong's STED and SUPACT, its proprietary and unified protocol for Channel Asset technology, enters.

"STED" stands for safe and reliable data exchange. Its mission is:

1) to create interconnectivity and operability, to promote scalability and to advance efficiency, so

things in the Internet of Things can talk to each other and 2) to promote free and free monetization efficient data and service with micropayment capacity

. To achieve this vision, STED uses the Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and SUPACT communication technology, which is compatible with most, if not all, public blockchains.

As payment is essential in the process of exchanging data and services and this flow value, STED will incorporate micropayment capabilities into its platform.

The characteristics of the STED micropayment capacity can be summarized in the acronym SPEEEED:

Security and privacy: secure tunnel encrypted for all transactions

Efficiency: in the order of millions of transactions per second (MTPS)

Economy: almost free transactions

Facilities: programmability and IoT device OTA (Over the Air) transactions

Everywhere: list, access and transaction of the global service

Digitization: Digitization of AI assisted assets in data and services with values ​​

SDK STEDs are already in use by the IoT sellers in Greater China, in Australia and the Middle East. Numerous IoT manufacturers have also tested the STED functionality for the past year.

C & # 39; is a great team behind STED, consisting of former outfit executives such as Google, Cisco and IBM, patent patents for communication technologies, smart-city architects and service provider platforms , IT and OT leaders, veteran developers, GPS mapping pioneer and member of Mensa International, renowned strategic developers and legal consultants and expert financial advisors.

"My colleagues and I have been developing and demonstrating this technology for a decade," says the CEO of STED, noted the technology, business and entertainment executive Eric Choy, based in Hong Kong. "We see tremendous commercial potential in bringing the IoT and blockchain to the next level – it has been a long and difficult road, but it is one that we are determined to travel for the benefit of IoT users everywhere.

For more details on STED, SUPACT and the SUPA token (think Super!), Check website and whitepaper at

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