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Monero [XMR] try critical support for $ 43, go into consolidation mode

Monero [XMR] experienced a dip in prices during the weekend. Prices traded around $ 47 fell below $ 44 and began trading around $ 43. The cryptographic resource lost nearly 5% of the market value in over 24 hours. Currently, the cryptographic assets are traded with a market capitalization of $ 777.75 million. While the bearish momentum persists for XMR, the digital asset has achieved consolidation.


The XMR is knocked down by a constant pressure from the bear. A slight upward pressure has led prices to enter consolidation. In today's trading session, prices have found support for $ 44. The crypt has already exceeded its current level of support and trades around $ 43. The current resistance level stands at $ 44. , 5.

The MACD levels of the currency show a bearish momentum. The RSI schedule shows that there is more pressure from the seller for the digital currency. The 100 EMA line drawn at $ 45.19 shows a downward trend. At the time of writing this article, XMR is trading hands at $ 43.9 and is falling against the 4.44% USD.

XMR chart


The virtual resource is falling against Bitcoin [BTC] of 0.63%. At the time of printing, an XMR equals approximately 0.012 BTC.

Monero Latest updates

  • Another Monero mining malware was found by Palo Alto Networks, the information security company. New cryptographic malware can disable cloud-based security measures to avoid detection on Linux servers. The malware also performs an active check for other cloud-based security measures activated by companies like Tencent and Alibaba and also disables them.
  • A new research report suggests that Monero [XMR] is the most favored cryptocurrency among cybercriminals in underground economies such as Pay-Per-Install services. 4.22% of Monero was lost to illegal cryptocurrencies from underground economies. The miners have made about $ 57 million from the illicit extraction of Monero.

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