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Monero will remain the king of the anonymous currency, says Slow Mist Founder

Yu Xian, founder of the SlowMist security company, states that Monero is and will always be the king of the anonymous Criptovalute.

Monero is by far the largest private currency with a market capitalization of $ 970 million. Recently he was eliminated from the top ten Bitcoin Cash version of Bitcoin Cash.

In the light of a report published by Kaspersky, which states that DDoS attacks are declining due to the reprofiling of botnets targeting Crypto mining mainly due to high competition in the DDoS and high market popularity of Cryptocurrencies.

Mr. Xian told Coinness that miners will stop mining when and when the price is declining. Hackers will then use the infected mining platforms to get more profits, eventually leading to a decrease in DDoS attacks.

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He also said that Monero is the most favorable cryptocurrency for such activities:

"Of all the cryptocurrencies, Monero (XMR) is the number 1 favored by the worm virus because of its anonymous attribute and CPU / GPU friendly."

While you could see this in a negative light, Mr.Xian sees this as a proof that it is the most anonymous Cryptocurrency in the market. It expresses its firm belief that Monero is the most reliable currency for privacy.

He says:

"Monero is, and will always be, the king of anonymous coins"

Recently, Monero has implemented Bulletproofs which not only reduced transaction costs by more than 95%, but also reduced transaction times and became even more resistant to ASICs.

Take of Blockmanity

Privacy is not a privilege but a human right, Monero offers this privacy to users that Bitcoin currently can not provide. A technology is neither good nor bad in itself, but the way people use it that matters.

The use of Monero by criminals and frauds only serves to demonstrate the strong privacy features of the Cryptocurrency that can be used to provide users with the privacy they deserve and to protect them from tyrannical governments and authorities.

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