Monero Community Slams Cryptojackers Like XMR Crypto Mining Malware hits government sites


The Monero community has decided to publicly denounce the people behind a huge encryption malware campaign that was created to steal the computing power of users and use them illegitimately to get XMR tokens.

According to an official statement, the Monero community condemns the practice of the use of malware and tactics of non-consensual extraction and has stated that it will not be inactive while the victims are affected.

The community has decided to create a group of self-organized volunteers to provide the tools and resources needed to further protect crypto-jackers and other malicious hackers. The Monero Malware Response Workgroup was created as an official resource and sanctioned for people who want to protect themselves as part of this initiative.

Crypto Jackers Love Monero

Cryptojacking is the process in which a hacker installs malware on a computer and then forces the machine to extract the cryptos. After that, these tokens are stolen from the person who checked out and then sent to the attacker's wallet without the user being aware of it.

There's a reason why Monero (XMR) It is so popular in the crypto jacking schemes. It is known that many hackers use it, mainly because the software is completely private and it is impossible to trace it, so it is a good sign for mine, stealing and then using it in illegal activities.

It is known that hackers use a modified version of CoinHive browser mining script and estimates suggest that these people are able to extract at least $ 250,000 of XMR each month.

The main problem is that this creates a negative image for Monero when privacy coins end up compared to scammers and hackers and to his community, which focuses primarily on privacy, not necessarily illegal activities (even if we do not have the means to know if they do it or not) gets a bad reputation.

However, things are definitely changing as this is the first time the community has decided to publicly denounce this type of situation. According to people in the community, while they are not able to completely remove the threat, they hope that there will be a way to help people who need more protection or education.

Coinhive malware spreads rapidly

According to research, Coinhive malware is spreading rapidly all over the world and has released over 2.5 million new scripts used for crypto-jacking in recent months. Reports suggest that there are over 280,000 MicroTik routers infected worldwide and this has led the company to create a patch that will help these people free their system from malware.

The case is so serious that even government institutions have been attacked by this type of malware as the main service provider for Douglas County PUD, a US non-profit corporation with close ties to the government. Many sites of Indian municipalities have also been attacked by Monero's cryptography malware.

If you think your computer may be infected, visit the malware response workgroup for support.

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