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Galeo Concept SA (EURONEXT: MLGAL) the stock changed € 0 and moved 0% while the share price reached € 0.94 in the last commercial transaction. 300 shares traded by hand while the average volume is 44 shares. The company recorded a relative volume of 6.82. When an analyst or investor is looking for a stock, it's good to know what other investors think of it. After all, they might have some additional information about the company or they could create a trend. The most popular methods for assessing the market's opinion is to look at the recently traded volume.


Galeo Concept SA (EURONEXT: MLGAL) carried out about 4.444444% last month and recorded a -37.333333% in the last quarter. The stock showed a return of -93.280915% over five years and recorded a weekly return of 32.394366%. The stock was seen at -67.586207% yield in the last twelve months.

Monitoring of the last 52 weeks, the high price of shares at 52 weeks was observed at € 2.9 and the minimum at 52 weeks seen at € 0.63. The 50 SMA is € 0.915278 and the 200 SMA is € 1.1684. Moving averages can be used as support or resistance when a trader looks for a possible entry or exit on the market. This can also be said in the following way. In the event that the price makes a contact with the moving average on the price table, the trader, examining this chart carefully, will enter a long position or a short position. In reality, this works the same way as horizontal support or resistance lines. Moving averages are known as dynamic support and resistance, simply because they tend to change with prices.

The volatility or the average percentage of the real interval (ATRP 14) is 4.26%. The ATR expressed as a percentage of the closing price. The average of the real interval percentage (ATRP) measures volatility at a relative level. ATRP allows you to compare titles while ATR no. This means that low-priced shares will not necessarily have lower ATR values ​​than higher-priced ones. The beta value of the shares was seen at -5.537534. Beta measures the amount of market risk associated with market trading. The high beta reveals more riskiness and the low beta shows a low risk.

Monitoring of profitability control, company profit margin recorded at 0.00% and operating margin at 0.00%.


Headquarters The headquarters of Galeo Concept SA (EURONEXT: MLGAL) is France.


Now the company has an RSI figure of 50.1. The RSI compares the entity of recent gains with recent losses to see if an asset is oversold or overbought. RSI is plotted on a scale of 0 to 100. Generally, if it is above 70, the stock is considered overbought and then you can try to sell it. Similarly, an RSI below 30 indicates that the stock is oversold and can be purchased.

ADX value listed in 27.02. ADX is best used for inventory screening and writing scans. By adding this indicator to the scanning software, it is possible to eliminate all the stocks that are in the trading ranges. You can then set the scan to find only stocks with a sharp uptrend or strong downtrend.

So what is the ADX indicator for?

The ADX indicator does not provide signals of purchase or sale. However, it gives you some perspective on where the title is in the trend. Low readings and you have a trading interval or the beginning of a trend. Extremely high readings indicate that the trend will probably end.

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