Mitt Romney gives Donald Trump the “foundation”: “He’s wrong when he accuses electoral fraud. He recklessly inflames destructive passions’ – News from sources


Republican Senator Mitt Romney on Friday criticized Donald Trump, who reiterated without proof that the presidential election was rigged and said the president’s statements undermined institutions and fueled tensions, AFP reported.

“The president has the right to demand a recount” of the votes, but “he is wrong when he says the elections were rigged,” Mitt Romney, who has a rather difficult relationship with Donald Trump, said in a Twitter message. writes

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“To say this is detrimental to the cause of freedom here (in the United States) and around the world is weakening institutions at the heart of the Republic and recklessly igniting destructive and dangerous passions,” added Mitt Romney, who was a former candidate for presidency.

Donald Trump again accused election fraud on Thursday, without providing evidence to support his allegations.

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