Mito blockchain, AMD's future plans, Apple's launch in September, Alphabet & # 39; s China obstacles, Leveraging IoT for business


Busting The Myths And Understanding The True Potential of Blockchain

There has been a lot of excitement about the disruptive potential of blockchain technology, but there is also a lot of confusion. Some people think that the blockchain is used only with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies or that it is only used to allow harmful and anonymous online transactions. In fact, blockchain is one of several key technologies – along with the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence and fog computing – that are revolutionizing companies and transforming entire industries. Read Maciej Kranz who publishes some blockchain technological myths about Forbes. You can deepen CTOvision reports on these topics in our Blockchain and Cryptocurrency section. See:

AMD CTO: We now have a "razor's edge" to fight against Intel

AMD, the second-biggest chip maker after Intel has put a lot on 7nm instead of 10nm. While Intel is facing delays, AMD is slowly making plans to gain market share in the server space with its new EPYC server CPUs. He is also riding the success of his Ryzen desktop CPUs. Intel says it will deliver its new 10nm chips only in the summer of 2019, AMD CTO says the 7nm chips are ready to fill the gap. Read the full interview with AMD CTO, Mark Papermaster on his company's future chip projects on CRN.

Apple to embrace iPhone X Design with new colors, larger screens

Like every September, smartphone viewers are looking out for news from Apple. While this year there will be no news for Apple's big bang, sources indicate that Apple is planning to introduce new 5.8 "and 6.5" OLED iPhones. The new iPhone will have greater speed and improvements of the camera. Apple will also launch a 6.1-inch LCD version with aluminum slides, new iPad Pro and Apple Watch with larger screens. More information on Apple launches in September on Bloomberg.

Alphabet's plans for a return to China go beyond the Google search

Although Google employees are protesting against Google entering China with a reduced version of the Google Chrome browser, the best successes of the company bets every single penny to enter the biggest market in the world after having put him on the run for over a decade. Raymond Zhong takes a look at the obstacles that Alphabet will have to face in its efforts to establish a presence in China in search, smartphones, autonomous cars, etc. On the New York Times.

A hypothetical question for all readers of CTOvision : During the Cold War we would not allow Lockheed, Boeing or Northrop Grumman to sell advanced weapons to the Soviet Union or the People's Republic of China. In fact, we still limit those companies and what they can sell to our adversaries (not that they would like, they are patriotic societies). Now that we are in the information war, should we not look at the restrictions on what can be sold by American companies to closed companies like the PRC, Russia, Iran, the DPRK?

How leading organizations are exploiting the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is more than a technical network of connected devices and systems; it is a potential source of value and unlimited business opportunities. The challenge is to be able to identify and act on the information and capabilities offered by the IoT. Only about half of the executives of a recent Forbes Insights survey of 700 executives believe they are making progress with the efforts of the Internet of Things. Find out how the best technology companies are taking advantage of IoT technology to optimize their business processes on Forbes.

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