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Missing Julen in Spain: in the last few meters, the search falters

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In the last few meters, Julen's research is wavering

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The rescue operation in Spain is progressing

In the search for the fallen boy in a well, the hole in a parallel tunnel is completed. In a horizontal approach, helpers want to dig into the place where the boy is suspected.

The tunnel is 60 meters long, but there is still no end to the rescue work in sight. First there is a horizontal access to the well where the two-year-old Julen child is suspected. There are new problems

DThe recovery of the baby Julen, who has lost two years in Spain, is about to reach a decisive phase. After the bore of a parallel well was completed in the late evening on Monday, the miners wanted to start Tuesday to manually dig a four-meter tunnel. So they want to go horizontally to the point where the child is suspected, as reported by the Spanish media, citing the forces of Totalán near the Andalusian Málaga.

How long they will need has not been clear. Experts feared that it would take another 24 hours to fight the rock. They have to make their way, among other things, with plectrums and pneumatic hammers. However, due to limited space, only two workers at a time can be lowered into the 80-meter-long parallel shaft with a special capsule attached to a crane, as the newspaper La Vanguardia wrote.

Previously, however, the walls of the vertical escape hole had to be fixed and stabilized with metal pipes to prevent landslides and to ensure workers' safety. However, rescuers have met on Tuesday for new problems: it is first necessary to drill the vertical shaft at the bottom, a Spanish journalist said on the spot. How long it would take was not predictable.

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The well, which Julen fell on a trip with his parents on January 13, is 107 meters deep, but only has a diameter of 25-30 centimeters. According to media reports, he had been bored illegally in search of water.

Rescuers hope to find the child at a depth of 70-80 meters. When a camera was taken, a bag of sweets was discovered in the well at a depth of 70 meters that Julen had with him. The loose earth, however, prevented a deeper penetration of the camera. The sign of the child's life does not exist.

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During the drilling of the parallel shaft, a platform for stabilizing the drill rig at a depth of about 20 meters was installed. To reach the expected depth of 80 meters, another 60 meters had been drilled into the extremely hard rock until Monday evening in a laborious 55-hour job.

It was not clear whether the child was still alive, but the chances of a happy ending to the tragic calamity diminished every minute that passed. However, experts have repeatedly pointed out that it is not entirely out of the question that Julen could still live.

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