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Missile defense strategy: US President Donald Trump defines North Korea as an "extraordinary danger"

US President Donald Trump has unveiled a new missile defense strategy in his country. In it, the United States evaluates North Korea as an "extraordinary danger". Seven months ago, Trump had declared that Pyongyang's danger had been avoided.

Trump said opponents and "rogue regimes" around the world were constantly building their missile arsenals, focusing on developing long-range missiles that could reach US targets. America must react to this, he told the Pentagon.

Even the sensors in space are among the suggestions

Investments could also include space-based systems. Space is a new battlefield, Trump said. If the government can actually implement the projects, it depends on whether it can guarantee funding. The simple announcement risks fueling concerns for a new arms race.

The new investments The Trump government wants to arm his own words in addition to ballistic missiles against cruise missiles or hypersonic missiles. Quotes explicitly Russia and China. The Russian government tested a new type of missile in December which, according to the Kremlin, is 27 times faster than sound.

The last time the US government presented in 2010 under the predecessor of Trump Barack Obama before a report.

Observers fear a new arms race

The Pentagon's new proposals for the Missile Defense Review document include space sensors that are said to detect missile launches more quickly in other states. Furthermore, the government is proposing a study on a space defense system that can launch enemy missiles. For the time being, however, these weapons have not yet been effectively developed, they are investigations.

The US Defense Secretary, Patrick Shanahan, said at the launch of the paper that Trump was approaching North Korea. Still, Pyongyang's missiles continue to pose a serious threat to the United States, as does Iran, he said.

In several places in the paper, Russia and China are also quoted as a reason for the United States to improve its defense system. This is not the first time that the Trump government has made the two countries such a document. Observers fear a new arms race.

The concern is also fueled by the fact that the United States has given Russia an ultimatum to the well over thirty-year INF treaty banning mid-range nuclear systems. The Trump government does not want to feel bound by the treaty since February 2, unless Russia has agreed to destroy new cruise missiles ever since.

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