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Minivan Blockchain & Freight Currency?


If blockchain technology allows us to more securely and transparently monitor all types of transactions, imagine the possibilities it presents in the supply chain. Every time a product changes hands, the transaction can be documented, creating a permanent history of a product, from production to sale. This could drastically reduce time delays, additional costs and human errors that now affect transactions.

Documenting the path of a product along the supply chain reveals its true origin and its contact points, which increases trust and helps to eliminate the prejudice found in today's opaque supply chains. Virtually any number of participants can be accessed, from any number of contact points. A shared and indelible ledger with codified rules could potentially eliminate the audits required by internal systems and processes.

What is LaneAxis?

LaneAxis is in the process of transforming the global logistics sector by building a network of direct optimization blockchains from Shipper-to-Carrier based on smart contracts. The platform, once in action, will promote huge cost reduction efficiencies in the industry and stimulate the growth of the new business paradigm in freight logistics.

With LaneAxisMoving products from one point to another will no longer be a cumbersome and awkward process. The LaneAxis blockchain will allow shippers and carriers to optimize and automate a number of key processes. As a result, shippers and couriers no longer need expensive third-party vendors such as freight transport brokers, third-party logistics groups, and freight forwarders, many of whom will charge a 30% commission to handle transactions.

How LaneAxis Blockchain Trucking & Freight Shipping works with Coin Works

LaneAxis Blockchain introduces total security and data integrity in the notoriously disorganized transport and logistics sectors. Using smart contracts on the immutable blockchain ledger, shippers and operators can now deal directly with each other, bypassing expensive third-party merchant brokers.

LaneAxis Blockchain verifies and stores all data and key documents involved in a freight movement, including freight forwarding contracts, insurance certificates, Department of Transportation registration numbers and commercial driver license information. During transport, LaneAxis Ledger stores critical data in real time, including proof of collection, GPS position tracking, exception handling and proof of delivery. The LaneAxis Token serves as an API key that allows access to LaneAxis' BlockAin ecosystem.

LaneAxis AXIS Token ICO Details

To increase the incentive of appropriate actions by participants in the ecosystem and to facilitate fair trade, LaneAxis will use the AXIS token. The use of the token will incentivize business partners to participate fairly in the regulatory framework. Some advantages of AXIS tokens are access to data for fair participation and trust, regulatory readiness by providing system validation and lower operational expenses. When the token is used, its utilitarian value will increase, while the cost for all participants will decrease.

50% of the generated tokens will be available in the presale and 20% in the sale of the crowd. 10% of tokens will be assigned to the team for the platform building efforts, 2% for the size campaigns, which is one of the most effective marketing channels, 2% for the logistics community and finally 15% will be set apart from the reserve for use in unforeseen circumstances.

LaneAxis Conclusion

The global logistics market will reach $ 15 trillion by 2023! Data integrity has never been more important to the industry. LaneAxis's blockchain ledger will serve as a hermetic and immutable record of all freight transport transactions, emerging as the most reliable source for business intelligence across the freight transport landscape.

More details on the platform and its token are available on laneaxis.io/

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