Miley Cyrus on alcohol problems – “I fell back into the pandemic” – folks

In reality, the noodle scandal Miley Cyrus (28) no longer wanted to touch a drop of alcohol. But the singer had a relapse!

“Like many other people, I also fell during the crown pandemic,” Miley revealed in an interview with “Apple Music”. “I relapsed, I didn’t stay dry.”

The former child star, who for years has attracted attention with the excesses of alcoholic parties, has accepted the situation. “Don’t be angry with yourself, but ask yourself: what happened?” It is one of his life mottos.

And that’s why they don’t sink into self-reproach, but start all over again. “I’m sober again – for two weeks.”

Your self-diagnosis: You have no problems with alcohol, but with making decisions. And: you are not someone who can do something in moderation.

“Everyone has to do what’s best for them,” sums up the 28-year-old. “It’s never easy.”

Miley Cyrus went from a little star (

Miley Cyrus went from a little star (“Hannah Montana”) to a sexy pop vampire and had to deal with a lot of problems throughout her life. Photo: / picture-alliance

Last year she tried to take better care of herself because she didn’t want to end up in the famous “Club 27”. The club of dead rock ‘n’ rollers from Jimi Hendrix to Kurt Cobain to Amy Winehouse, all dead at age 27. “This really made me sober.”

Miley turned 28 on Monday and now she wants to fight her alcohol craving again in a very disciplined way.

Where can I find help?

According to the World Health Organization, low-risk alcohol consumption for women is 12 grams of alcohol per day (one eighth of a liter of wine), for men it is 24 grams (0.5 liters of beer). per day. You should also be alcohol-free two days a week.

Those affected can find help on the addiction and drug hotline: 01805/31 30 31 (24 hours a day, 14 cents / minute from landlines) and on the advice line of the Federal Center for Health Education: 0221 / 89 20 31.

Alcoholics Anonymous offers open interview sessions and telephone counseling throughout Germany.

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