Midnight celebrations when restrictions ease


Melburnians tonight they flocked to bars and restaurants to celebrate the quarter coronavirus block lift at midnight.

“I now officially declare that Melbourne’s restaurants are open to the public,” said Liam Ganley, owner of Angus and Bon’s steakhouse, as he cut a ribbon for cheers, confetti and cheers.

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Chapel Street Precinct official Facebook page posted at 23:00 that was “already buzzing”.

“People blow their horns, pretending to give each other high five (COVIDSafe version).

“The future is exciting”.

9News reporter Elisabeth Moss said the champagne was frozen for some companies ready to open their doors.

“The venue we spoke to says they are already at COVID capacity for tonight. That means that by midnight, many of them will have 20 people sitting, remote, having dinner, enjoying a drink again,” he said.

Mr. Ganley previously told 9news.com.au that the customer response was “crazy”.

“We have been flooded since yesterday,” he said.

“We’re just trying to juggle everything. Everyone’s just scrambling to get a table.”

Hotels and restaurants are still subject to strict customer restrictions and must comply with COVID safety regulations.

Retailers across the city also welcomed loyal customers back when the clock struck midnight.

Kmart plans to stay open for 24 hours, and Spotlight doesn’t plan to close until 8pm.

At Chapter One, a women’s clothing boutique in Ivanhoe, North East Melbourne, family and friends gathered to uncork champagne, raise a glass and share some snacks.

“It’s been a long time without having your best customers through the door,” Jacqui Bonnett told 9News.

“We really missed them.”

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