Microsoft releases Azure Blockchain Development Kit


Microsoft offers developers new tools for developing blockchain solutions with the introduction of the Azure Blockchain Development Kit. The first initial version is dedicated to the connection, integration and implementation of smart contracts and blockchain networks.

"The Azure Blockchain development kit is the next step in our journey to make the development of end-to-end blockchain applications accessible, fast and accessible to anyone with an idea, built on top of our blockchain investments. and connects to the processing, data, messaging and integration services available both in Azure and in the broader Microsoft Cloud to provide a solid palette for a developer to realize their vision ", Marc Mercuri, head of the main blockchain engineering program, has written in a post.

According to the company, the toolkit is built out of its serverless technologies, blockchain developer models, and Azure Blockchain Workbench. Some of the features of the kit include key management, off-line identity and data, monitoring and messaging APIs.

"These tools have become the first step for many organizations on their journey to reinvent the way they do business.The apps have been built for everything from the democratization of supply chain financing in Nigeria to the security of supply. Food in the UK, but as models emerged through use cases, our teams have identified new ways to help developers go farther, faster, "wrote Mercuri.

For the link, the kit is designed to help organizations, people and devices connect to the blockchain. The kit includes samples for SMS and voice interfaces, IoT device, mobile clients, backend and data systems, robots and assistants and web clients.

For the integration of data and systems, the kit deals with documents and media and the intelligent interaction of the contract. The kit includes a set of logical app for hash files and file metadata and smart file contracts and a file log. "Companies use blockchain and smart contracts to facilitate multiparty processes, and Blockchain also offers real-time transparency of the states and events of these contracts to the appropriate participants," wrote Mercuri. "End-to-end blockchain solutions require integration with data, software and media that live" off-line. "Updates and external events can trigger actions on smart contracts: smart contract events and status changes they can then activate actions and data updates on "off-line" systems and data.These external systems and artificial intelligence will also need the ability to query data that can be verified by smart contracts to inform action ".

In addition, the app blockchain development kit includes examples of app integration and legacy protocols, data, SaaS and registries. Microsoft also announced the release of Log App and flow connectors to extend the amplifiers to Ethereum, Corda and Bitcoin.

For the implementation of smart contracts and blockchain networks, the kit will provide guidance on the distribution of blockchain developers in DevOps. The company announced the DevOps white paper for Blockchain Smart Contracts. Accompanying the white paper will be a guide to implementation on how to implement CI / CD for smart contracts and infrastructure as a code.

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