Microsoft launches the blockchain development kit


Not a stranger to blockchain projects, Microsoft today released a blockchain development kit on its Azure cloud platform designed to allow seamless integration of blockchain with Microsoft's and third-party SaaS offerings.

"This kit extends the capabilities of our blockchain and Azure Blockchain Workbench developer models, which incorporates Azure key management, off-chain identity and data, messaging and messaging APIs into a reference architecture that can be used to quickly create blockchain-based applications, "Marc Mercuri, principal director of Microsoft's blockchain engineering team program, said in a blog post.

Microsoft said the SDK will allow companies to quickly and quickly get distributed distributed books and create applications in a few days rather than in traditional terms.

Users will be able to integrate blockchain workflows with existing systems and applications using the Microsoft Flow and Logic apps and extend functionality with a REST-based API for client development and a & # 39; based API on messages for system-system integration.

Microsoft referred to previous blockchain-based apps that it helped create to create a transparent electronic registry for supply chain financing in Nigeria or to ensure food supply monitoring in the UK.

"While the models emerged through use cases, our teams have identified new ways for Microsoft to help developers get farther, faster," said Mercuri.

The initial blockchain SDK will focus on three functionalities: create connection interfaces for things like mobile clients, IoT, SMS and voice systems; integration of data, software and media that live "off-the-shelf" as Office documents, videos and CAD files; and implement smart contracts and blockchain corporate networks.

At the start of this year, Microsoft announced it was planning to pilot a blockchain-based digital ID platform that would allow users to control access to sensitive online information via an encrypted data hub.

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