Michael Wendler’s manager (48) quits his job – BZ Berlin


Music manager Markus Krampe no longer wants to be the manager of musician Michael Wendler (“Never mind”). “I will be giving up running Michael from today,” Krampe said in an Instagram story posted Sunday night.

Until Wendler voluntarily stepped down as a juror on the RTL show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” (DSDS), the collaboration always worked well, but then became increasingly difficult, Krampe explained. “But I still wish him the best and that he can get back on track.”

There was a quick reaction on the Wendler account in the Telegram messaging service. Meanwhile, the singer had actually announced that he wanted to stop his channel there. Now he wrote there: “Markus Krampe probably stepped down from the management today due to media pressure. It’s a shame you gave in. He didn’t have the decency to discuss this step with me in advance. “

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Krampe advised Wendler not to be active on Telegram some time ago. The service is considered a refuge for people who spread conspiracy stories.

Wendler caused a scandal a few weeks ago when he accused the federal government of “grave and gross violations of the constitution and the Basic Law” in a federal government video and accused television stations of being “synchronized.”

His local broadcaster RTL called him a conspiracy theorist and immediately distanced himself from the singer. Other partners also turned up. The singer later attempted to respond and apologized.


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