Michael Wendler fired! Manager Markus Krampe draws a line


“After I have received a lot of messages lately, when I talk about Michael Wendler, I want to do it now,” Krampe announced in his Instagram story.

Until the voluntary exit from the DSDS, the collaboration always worked well, although Krampe always had to do “a lot of persuasion” in advance with broadcasters and record companies.

“When I tried to pick up the pieces, I discovered a lot of things that were so explosive that I never expected,” continues Krampe. He can no longer represent these “things” “as manager and friend”. Why: “An artist-manager relationship always thrives on trust”.

Consequence: “From today I will give up the management of Michael, so I’m no longer responsible for him. However, I wish him the best and that he can get back on the right track, “Krampe said, putting an end to this bad news for Wendler. How things will go for Laura Müller, also speaks in the RTL interview.


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