Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond (VR)


Respawn Entertainment reveals a new trailer for Medal of Honor: Above and Beyondwho pays particular attention to the game’s “gallery”.

This is a series of interviews with real WWII veterans designed to help players understand the times and moments of the war as they play through the single player campaign. The iconic “Gallery” feature, introduced in the first game in the Medal of Honor franchise, is designed to tell true stories with real protagonists.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond uses innovative VR technology to show these WWII narratives in a new and immersive experience.

Medal of Honor goes back to its roots

Respawn port Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond go back to the origins of the franchise. The “gallery” allows players to delve into authentic and historically accurate details, while this interactive entertainment experience also sheds light on the history of war. The “gallery” offers players moving interviews: stories told by veterans exactly where they were more than 75 years ago in Europe offer impressive moments stunning 360 ° VR footage to be complemented by crucial scenes from World War II.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond - (C) Respawn Entertainment

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond will be released on December 11, 2020 for VR on Windows 10. – (C) Respawn Entertainment

The overwhelming collection of short documentaries in the “Gallery” was directed by Anthony Giacchino collected and deals with WWII veterans; players can look at the game documentation. COLETTE, a short film about a French resistance fighter created specifically for the game, recently had a limited release in virtual cinema. Additionally, the film won the Best Short Documentary Award at the “Big Sky Documentary Film Festival” earlier this year.

All of these impressive moments were recorded with the latest technologies in order to preserve the stories for future generations.

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