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May refers to the exclusion of a Brexit no-deal as "impossible" ONLINE TIME

Britain's Prime Minister, Theresa May, denied the exclusion of Brexit's request from opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, without a withdrawal agreement with the EU. This is an "impossible condition", wrote May in a letter to the Labor leader. Corbyn had written a letter in which he declared the exclusion of a scenario without agreement a prerequisite for the discussions on a compromise on Brexit.

May must submit a plan B next Monday, as is the United Kingdom and European Union Gibraltar referendum membership
should continue His first plan had crashed in Parliament last Tuesday. Basically, different variants are possible:
The prime minister could try to make further concessions from the
To reach the EU and
the new withdrawal agreement then returns to parliament for the vote
submit. It is also imaginable to start at a later time – or
Disorderly Brexit on March 29, 2019.

The head of the conservative government has met since that Wednesday
past vote of no confidence in the lower house already representatives of more
Opposition parties, including the Greens, pro-European liberal liberals, the Scottish National Party (SNP) and the Welsh party Plaid Cymru. Green MEP Caroline Lucas shared
later on chirping with, May is not interested in a compromise.

Corbyn also invited in May to "abandon the red lines and make serious proposals
For the future ", warned the Prime Minister," the
Deprive the deputies with a second attempt to ruin them
Face up to. "At the" red lines "of May
count the willingness to withdraw from the EU Customs Union and free movement
of the citizens of the EU.

The Labor leader does not rule out the request for another vote of no confidence against May. His goal is the new elections.

In view of the unregulated Brexit threat, the European Commission is already preparing emergency preparations with the Member States
from. "We take the possibility of a no-deal Brexit very seriously
leave nothing to chance, "a Commission spokesman said.

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) also did
clearly that the federal government is strongly focused on a disorder
Prepare Brexit. France has already started implementing an emergency plan to prepare a disorderly Brexit. "The responsibility of the government is the land
to prepare and protect the interests of our citizens
defend, "said Prime Minister Édouard Philippe.

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